WordPress can be the perfect platform to host your website. There are many things which you can do on WordPress like blogging, video or audio posting. But for posting all of these things you need to have to schedule the content in advance. That requires that you have some sort of Directory where you can save all of these things and create a list of whatever is on your mind. Usually, people do it manually in their diary or on the calendar. But that is not the best idea anymore. You can find so many better options which are out there for recording and scheduling. One of those options we are going to discuss here is the WordPress directory which is used by many professionals and is highly recommended. Let’s start

    Sabai Directory

    If you are not into the budget and ready to go for a premium option, then Sabai Directory is one of the amazing premium directories. With this, you can create directories for businesses too. When you want to create a listing, there are many options. You can use keywords, location, categories and other factors. When you are using it, you can create a section for review and ratings and the same can be done for the visitor. They can also post reviews for your website.


    ListingPro is a great tool with great design. It has a drag-and-drop builder which can help in getting the right data for your site. The features and customer builder make it easy to create the directory for your website. You will be able to find the keywords and listing with different categories. You can check it by dates, ratings, reviews and the title too. They also provide management tools.

    Web 2.0 Directory

    If you are looking to create a classified ad listing site, then you can check for the Web 2.0 Directory. This one is of high quality and really provides great features for your website directory. They have premium features like frontend listing and integrated Google Maps. The design of this plugin is very responsive and can be used with almost all the WordPress plugins. 

    Connections Business Directory

    The ones who are just beginning and don’t want to invest a lot can go to the Connections Business Directory. With this, you will be able to build a successful business directory site. You will get a responsive website which will be very compatible. You will get a plugin which sticks to the traditional way of adding pages and information. They have a directory and the carousel block along with the upcoming block. 

    Gravity Forms Directory

    Another free plugin on our list is Gravity Forms. This one is very famous for creating forms for WordPress websites. It is packed with modern features which are necessary for a directory website. You are also provided with a Built-in search option and directory listing. This way you will be able to showcase the directories and tables in the right way. 


    Recording your thoughts or work is not simple. But with a directory, you can easily make that happen. There are many options for recording and keeping a list but with a WordPress directory, it is done best and easiest. There are many benefits of using it. The above-mentioned directories are amazing and can be used for all good reasons. Most of the options that we have mentioned are great and you can choose from any of them. The best way is to find your requirements first and then check the one which matches them.


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