WordPress has progressed a lot, whether it is about the number of users, websites, or the features it provides. If you want to grow faster on WordPress and thrive, then you have to make use of those features. But sometimes, applying those features and functions to your website is quite difficult. You need a theme or plugin for that. Many professionals don’t go for plugins but ‌do every task manually. But that is not the case for everyone. Without a plugin, it can get difficult. One of those features which can make your WordPress website more effective is the notification bar.

    The notification bar lets your visitor and users get subscribed to your website more easily. It is also proven to increase the number of visitors and users of your website. It can keep your users informed about the changes and updates on your website. If you are thinking about how you can add a notification bar to your website, then you should find a good WordPress plugin for that. And if you don’t know which plugin to choose, then you should read this blog for that. Here we have included the best free WordPress notification bar plugin:

    Hello Bar

    Hello Bar is the first on our list for many reasons. One is that it is very old and experienced, hence it gives classic service. They also provide simple and quick integration with your website too. This will help you in getting a high-end designed Notification but for your website, which can attract many users. It can also keep the notification bar optimized for further use and better performance. It arranges split tests for the website and gains subscribers for your email list. 


    Sumo is an all-in-one plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin not only provides features for adding notification bars but also for pop-ups, social media buttons, and email marketing services too. You can add the notification bar to your website at various locations at the top or the bottom. This is easily done on the website page and also you can add the call to action button for the email list. 

    WPFront Notification Bar

    If you want to display the news or promote it on your website, then you have the WPFront notification bar of your service. This plugin is free and works like a bitter event for beginners. This user-friendly plugin is simple and quick for setting up. The customization for the color and the notification can also be done ‌ easily. For the notification bar, you can also set up the date. 


    Another free tool on our list is Icegram. This robust plugin is known for generating leads. It will also help you to create a large email list for your website. Not only the list but even conversion is also taken care of by this plugin. The plugin is free, but they also have some premium plans if you want to look into them. The interface is user-friendly and easily lets you add the notification bar to your WordPress website. They have various templates to choose from with which you can design the notification bar. 

    Wrapping Up

    Notification bars are essential for websites. It is necessary that you have one on your website too. This will help you get more views and traffic to your website. Even the conversion of the potential users and customers is higher by using a notification bar. And with the plugin, adding a notification bar would be easier. The above plugins are all excellent and have various features. You should check them all out and find the right one which can satisfy all your requirements. 


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