Every WordPress website has its own way of keeping the audience engaged. Some like to organize regular contests and others keep posting entertaining content regularly. But there are some websites that also have quizzes on their platform to decide on the lucky winner or to promote their brand name. It is an amazing way of making a big name for your website through this because it increases engagement.

    Formidable Forms

    If you are looking for an advanced form builder, then Formidable forms are one of those options. They are said to be the best and most popular in the market currently. Every user is going to live with the simple and basic design and functioning of the plugin. But at the same time, it is effective and robust. You can create contact forms and more with this plugin. 


    LearnDash is one of those plugins which can be like a dream come true for the webmaster. You can create absolutely all kinds of quizzes on this plugin that you want to launch on your website. It is an LMS plugin which makes it more capable of the mentioned job. You can use the features of this plugin and create quizzes with multiple-choice, single-choice, or even text filling directly.

    Interact Quiz Maker

    One of the best web-based quiz-making plugins which will not only provide you with powerful features but also has the capability of creating some of the most viral questions and formats for your website’s quiz ideas. This also helps in getting more leads through your social media, which ultimately makes your conversion higher. You can even gain higher traffic by using it. 

    WP Quiz

    For anyone who needs a more specialized option for WordPress websites, then WP Quiz provides you with exactly that. It is a simple, user-friendly, and not at all rigid plugin for creating quizzes. They are not limited to only one option but three, which includes the personality quiz, which is one of the most popular. They also have trivia and flip cards which makes the plugin more interesting to use. 

    Quiz And Survey Master

    If you are looking for something which is easier to use in a simple and flexible way, then you should try the Quiz and Survey Master. This plugin can do two jobs in only one version, which is great news for many new users. It also has a pro version which has more advanced options for its users. 

    Quiz Cat

    Someone who is on the watch for finding a good plugin for creating quizzes for your WordPress website but will also want the plugin to be affordable or even free can check out Quiz Cat. It is a free plugin that is enriched with features. You can insert pictures along with the Q&A. 

    HD Quiz

    HD Quiz is a great plugin that is also free. It is used by bloggers mostly from WordPress websites. But it is amazing for all kinds of websites. It can help in building great designs for quizzes. You can organise quizzes without any limitations. The design of this plugin and quiz is very responsive too. You can set the times for the quiz, which is an added benefit of creating quality quizzes.

    To Conclude

    WordPress does not have to be a difficult place for its uses. It has a lot of ways in which you keep your audience engaged and entertained. There are a lot of websites that need to have a lot of competition or quizzes on their platform for various purposes. No matter what your purpose is, you can pick a good WordPress plugin from the above-mentioned list, and then you can start the simpler process with the help of a plugin. All of these are meaningful plugins, but it is necessary that you choose the one which stands right on your requirements.


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