WordPress is the most popular web hosting platform which is not only used by bloggers but all kinds of website owners. It has so many options for plugins it is never difficult to perform any kind of task on WordPress. In this blog, we will be discussing the WordPress user registration plugins. There are a lot of options, but we have jotted down the best WordPress user registration plugin. Let’s start:

    WP Forms

    WP Forms is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a user registration WordPress plugin. They are not limited to user registration but also provide customization as well. It has many ready-made templates for lazy users who don’t want to create any of their own. They even provide you with control and access to the new accounts. 


    Anyone who is willing to bring a lot of changes in the dull admin area of WordPress and bring edits of their choice, then you must check out SeedProd. They even have the option in which they provide the user with the feature in which if they have forgotten or lost their password, then they can recover it easily. 

    Formidable Forms

    User registration for WordPress is simple, but it still needs to be updated. Formidable Forms can be considered one of the most advanced form creation plugins for WordPress. It has a variety of forms apart from just user registration like payment, log in or registration, etc. It is a premium plugin. 


    For WordPress users who are not good with the technical terms and want to stay away, form coding should try MemberPress. It is a great plugin and doesn’t require any coding. You can easily create the ember ship form on the site without facing any kind of obstacle or difficulty. Member Press is a premium plugin and doesn’t have any free version. 


    Another premium plugin on this list is ProfilePress. They have great features which provide the user with generating forms that are more eye-pleasing and responsive than your current news. It helps in creating other kinds of forms as well, like reset forms, profile pages or login forms. 

    Nextend Social Login

    One of the best user responsive plugins for user registration is Nextend Social Login. In the anime itself, it suggests that it can help users to log in through their social media platforms too like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. They don’t even have to insert any credentials if they do it like this, making the process a lot easier. They also provide freedom to enter the options for your users to enter and it is a free plugin.

    WPBrigade LoginPress

    Another free plugin on this list is WPBrigade LoginPress. Though it also has a premium version which you can use if you want to go for more advanced features on the plugin. It has a lot of custom designs and templates. You can use it for adding logos only to your website and use the ready-made templates for the plugin for your WordPress website. It also provides auto-login and limitations on login and social login and directs. 

    To Conclude

    WordPress has many benefits for its users, like features and freebies. But one of the biggest benefits of using WordPress for your website is that it has many plugins, you don’t have to work hard to find a great plugin for any kind of function. It is also easy to find a specialised plugin that is perfect for certain processes and features. This blog has included some of the best user plugins for WordPress which you can select the one which is perfect for your website. 


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