WordPress is a significant platform that has been user-friendly for all kinds of users. The platform is SEO friendly too which is very beneficial because the efforts for getting better performance through SEO and traffic get easier and better. Many people misunderstand that WordPress is only for bloggers. But this is not true at all. You can see hundreds and thousands of niches working on WordPress. It is because of the various features, affordability, and ease. But we have still seen that many bloggers who host their website on WordPress write a lot of articles and blogs but don’t use any kind of media with it.it is proven that with media and other files you can make your content more appealing and expressive. 

    One of the types of media which are especially effective is videos. With videos, it is proven that the promotion and marketing are affected and get a better response. It also helps in engaging the audience for longer which eventually helps in increased ranking on the search results. But for making it done in an easier way you should find some WordPress video player plugins. If you don’t know anything about it then this is the right blog for you. In this blog we have suggested some of the best WordPress video player plugins:


    If you are looking for a plugin that is useful for Google analytics then you should try out MonsterInsights. This plugin will give you insight about Google and your visitors on the videos where it is already published. You can connect the WordPress website to Google analytics in simple ways with this plugin. Even checking the data on the dashboard will be simpler than ever. It also helps in tracking the view, events, and media with a few clicks. 

    Smash Balloon’s YouTube Feed Pro

    Smash Balloon’s YouTube Feed Pro is a famous plugin. Obviously, any WordPress user knows about smash balloons and their amazing features. Here with this version, you will get the direct feature with which you will be able to embed videos from youtube to your website in some steps. It also helps in posting the videos in an attractive way with multiple options of layout and design. 

    Envira Gallery

    Those creators who don’t only want the work to be done in a finished way but also want to get it done in a beautiful way are looking at the right option. You will have the option through which you will be able to get all the pictures and videos published in an aesthetic way. Even the process is very fast and simple. The Envira Gallery plugin can be integrated with all the popular video hosting platforms.

    All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

    With the name itself, it is clear that this plugin provides anything your website will need regarding SEO. It is a legendary plugin that can help in getting your videos crawled and ranked in Google and other search engines. The AIOSEO plugin provides features that work in the area of local SEO, video SEO, and on-page analysis. It has many additional tools and features too. 

    Presto Player

    One of the most popular plugins on this list is Presto Player. This plugin won’t disappoint you when it comes to syncing and integration with various platforms like HTML5, Vimeo, and YouTube. With some highlighting reviews, it is surely a good choice. You will also get features like customer elementor and builder, color choices, an option for autoplay, and a sticky video player. 

    Final Words

    We included some of the topmost video player plugins for WordPress which you can use for adding and optimizing the videos on your website. This will help you in getting higher reach and better results. All the plugins are great choices. But you should still consider your requirements first and check their features as well if they align with your needs then go with it. 


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