Finding the perfect law firm case management software can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options in the industry, lawyers and firms tend to feel confused. All these case management systems come at different pricing and offer different features. Rocket Matter and CaseFox are two very popular law firm case management software in the industry. Today in this blog we will have an unbiased comparison of CaseFox and Rocket Matter. We will dissect pricing, usability, customer service, and other features that these software offers. This comparison will help you, as a lawyer, make informed decisions about which software to choose. If you are a Rocket Matter user, you will get to know how CaseFox is a rocket matter alternative & competitor. 

    CaseFox Overview 

    CaseFox is an all-in-one comprehensive legal practice management software. It streamlines the daily legal operations of law firms of all sizes. With an array of features, CaseFox aims to make the process of legal practice efficient for all legal professionals. From time tracking, billing, trust accounting, invoicing, communication, and robust customer service, CaseFox offers everything you need. With cutting-edge features and competitive pricing, CaseFox has become the first choice of many legal professionals. 

    Rocket Matter Overview 

    Rocket Matter is a versatile law practice management software. This is a simple and straightforward software that is designed to meet the needs of all different law firms. It is a cloud-based software that helps firms in boosting revenues and managing their daily operations. It helps law firms in managing their time, documents and makes the whole legal practice effective. 

    CaseFox VS Rocket Matter 


    Pricing is a crucial deciding factor that can influence legal professionals’ decisions when selecting for legal case management software. Each legal case management software has different pricing plans. Some software has one pricing for all while others may offer customized pricing. 

    a. CaseFox Pricing 

    CaseFox offers three different pricing models: solo, pro, and enterprise. The CaseFox solo plan is free for a lifetime. This means solo practitioners can leverage all the features free of cost for a lifetime. It is one of the main advantages of CaseFox. Next, it has a Pro plan, this plan is for $39 per user/month USD. It includes all the features that CaseFox offers. Lastly, CaseFox offers an enterprise plan. This is a customizable plan dedicated to large firms. 

    b. Rocket Matter Pricing  

    Just like CaseFox, even Rocket Matter has three different pricing plans. The most basic plan that Rocket Matter offers is Essential, which is for $49 per user/month. This plan offers only limited features. Next, they have a pro plan and this is for $79 per user/month. This plan is suitable for firms. Lastly, it offers a Premier plan that is perfect for firms with enterprise needs. This plan costs $99 per user/month. 

    When it comes to pricing, Rocket Matter is expensive in comparison to CaseFox. From the pricing point of view, CaseFox is a Rocket Matter alternative that most users will prefer. 

    Customer Support 

    Robust customer support is necessary when law firms are using any type of legal billing software. Legal professionals will be able to tackle all the technical issues with the help of robust customer support. It can also provide efficient solutions to clients. Most legal professionals, while choosing legal billing software, give priority to customer support. 

    a. CaseFox Customer Support 

    CaseFox outshines Rocket Matter and various other softwares in the industry when it comes to customer support. CaseFox offers robust 24*7 customer support to all its users. CaseFox clients can raise queries or issue any time around the clock and they will get support from the team. CaseFox support team offers customer support through email, chat, and call. 

    b. Rocket Matter Customer Support 

    Rocket Matter customer support is not that effective. The software offers customer support only during business hours. Which means if clients have any queries after business hours, they may have to wait to get support. It also offers customer support through email, chat, and calls. 

    Custom Forms And Template Creation

    The best legal billing software usually offers custom form and template creation options. Custom form or template creation is the process of designing personalized intake forms or templates. Lawyers can use these documents and templates according to their preferences. These templates and custom forms can streamline the workflow. 

    a. CaseFox Custom Form And Template Feature 

    CaseFox is a legal billing software that has some robust features to offer. Custom form and template creation enable firms and legal professionals to add a more personalized touch. With CaseFox, users can create different types of templates and forms. Users can add different types of elements to their forms and templates. For instance, they can add text fields, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and other such templates. All these elements will help in the creation of professional-looking templates. CaseFox users can create custom forms for the intake of new clients, etc.

    b. Rocket Matter Custom Form And Template Feature 

    Rocket Matter is a legal timekeeping software that offers various features but it lacks custom form and template features. This software doesn’t allow its users to create any specific custom forms and templates. The lack of this feature makes CaseFox a more advanced option of Rocket Matter alternative. 

    CaseFox VS Rocket Matter 

    Features CaseFox Rocket Matter 
    Pricing CaseFox has $39 per user/month Rocket Matter has $39 per user/month 
    Client CommunicationClient communication through the client portal Does not have built-in client communication features
    MultilingualYes, CaseFox has a multilingual featureNo, Rocket Matter doesn’t have a multilingual feature
    Customer SupportResponsive, 24*7 customer support Support only during business hours 
    Matter BudgetsCaseFox allows users to have a master budget.No matter the budget feature is available with Rocket Matter 

    The Bottom Line 

    Choosing the right legal billing software is a crucial step for any lawyer or firm. It will help in the smooth operation of the firm. Both CaseFox and Rocket Matter have their own set of features and pricing. 

    If you are a solo practitioner or a law firm looking for more affordable legal billing software. That also offers comprehensive features, so CaseFox is the perfect option for you. 

    But ultimately the decision of selecting the right legal billing software will depend on your needs, budget, and preference. You can book a free demo or have a trial before you commit to any software.


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