If you are someone who is facing issues with the cumulative layout shift on WordPress, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will be discussing the steps that will help you to get the right score on the cumulative shift. The technical process sometimes scares the users, but when you follow the below steps, then that might not be a big problem for you. Let’s start:

    Steps to improve the Cumulative Layout Shift

    Improving the cumulative layout shift of your WordPress might not be the toughest task, but it is surely a bit typical. You will have to go through many technical steps while performing this process. You will have to do every step. It included dealing with codes as well. So if you are not from a technical background, this can get a little tricky for you. Even after that, if you’re following the below steps, it can get a little simpler for you. We have tried to explain the processes much as we can so to simplify them for the application:

    Setting up the image dimension

    It is very essential for the cumulative layout shift that the image dimension is rightly set. Any disturbance in the image dimension or lack of setup can cause the layout to shift, which you won’t want. If you are signing some good image optimization plugins for adding images, then the task might be getting done by it. But for the pens who are doing it manually, they must set it up.

    Give required space for ads

    Late loading is one thing that frustrates a user or viewer. The ads are an important part of the cumulative layout shift. This is why it is necessary that you take care of this embed, too. The best thing you can do to solve any issue related to the ads is that you keep a required amount of space fixed for the ads which are going to help you in the cumulative shift.

    Don’t keep any issues with the fonts

    Any issue with the font loading can affect the cumulative layout shift. This is an issue that is usually ignored but causes great effects. When you post content in a customized style, it can sometimes be a problem with the reader or the view. The font might load first into their default style and then, after some time, it will show the customized style. It is necessary that you keep this aspect in check.

    Don’t recklessly put in content

    For the layout shift, something which happens quite often with the users is that they sometimes inject the content dynamically, which is not the best idea for you. You should never post content in the middle or at the top of your content. This should only happen when your users have unknowingly clicked on it. But if you want to add then you can do it at the end of the post.

    Final Thoughts

    There are many things related to a website that you tend to check. The cumulative factor is also one of the factors that are important in the Google core web vitals. Improving cumulative shifts on WordPress is not the toughest task that you will face. You can easily follow the above steps and see the changes yourself. You might think that it is not the only important factor of the web that is vital but one of three. But every facto matters. It is not really difficult if you are taking eerie measures while doing it. All the tips mentioned are essential and will help you in improving the cumulative layout shift of your WordPress. 


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