Finding a web hosting service in this era has become a very daunting task. Not because it is difficult to find a good option, but because there are plenty of options available that a person can choose from. 

    Flywheel is an incredibly famous web hosting service. You might have heard a lot about it. But in this blog, we will discuss if it is of any use for the designers. Let’s begin:

    Why should you choose Flywheel hosting?

    While there are many options in web hosting services, the question is why would you choose Flywheel hosting. Among many other reasons, there are 3 of the most important reasons that make this web hosting a good choice for you. You might have seen many web hosting services guaranteeing a good performance and system for the designers too. But not all of them get success in achieving so. 

    This is why you should have suggested you know these features of Flywheel that are really helpful for all your designers. It is difficult to find all these features in other WordPress web hosting. This is why all these features might not be entirely useful to you. That all depends on the kind of requirement everyone has. But these unique features are surely great and helpful. 

    A WordPress development tool, which is local

    This tool is a local tool that is specifically curated for WordPress development. Some other web hosting as well have local tools but they are not designed especially for WordPress but this one is. With this tool, you will be able to simply pin up a WordPress website. This will be done in no time. For doing so, you can use any of your versions like SQL, PHP or even the web servers. The tool is free for everyone, which means that even the non-users of Flywheel can benefit by using this tool without paying anything. 

    The pens who are users of this web hosting can use the Connect to Flywheel, which is helpful for your site to take it from the local to the website server of Flywheel that too automatically. In the opposite way, you can also generate a version that will help you a lot if you have any clients or are working on some of their projects. But even if you don’t have any clients, then as well you can use it for your own website development. You can save a lot of time in your hand if you use this tool rather than performing these tasks manually. 

    For a new theme or plugin, you can use the Blueprints

    Blueprints are the tool or feature which will help you in generating a new WordPress website in minutes. You will get a full package of themes and plugins which will help you in creating a base for the new website. If you want to start a new blog, then instead of following a long procedure, you can just take the help of this foundation and generate a new blog. Unlike earlier when you used to do it manually for installing and launching the plugins.

    Feature for making the working process better for your clients and the team

    This feature will help you in making the organization better. In this, you will simply make a profile for the organization. Then you get the billing transfer facility for your clients. If you want to collaborate with any other website, brand or blog, then this feature will be helpful. Though you don’t need it if you are a slow website and not running any kind of agency. 

    Final Verdict

    There are many features that web hosting companies offer. Apart from these above-mentioned features, you will get many additional features too. But we have included the ones which can be exceptionally helpful for the designers. You can definitely go for this web shotgun if you find these features helpful for you. 


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