In the digitalization era, everything is getting faster and with more options. It is not difficult anymore to find any good option for anything. It is because the number of websites is rising which is also giving rise to web hosting companies too. There are many web hosting services that are doing great this time. But it is still difficult to pick one option which will be good for everyone. Every website or user requires a different web hosting service so it is necessary that you choose the one which will benefit your website. 

    In this blog, we will be discussing the Hostinger web hosting service, which dates back to 2007 and is still spreading its name in being one of the best performing web hosting services. Earlier it was free web hosting but later it got popular because of the effectiveness of this web hosting service and now it is a shared and cloud hosting company. You don’t even have to worry about the cost of web hosting because they are affordable. For the ones who are just beginning their career and need web hosting, which has great performance and gives quality results, then you are looking at the right option. 

    You can really waste a lot of time in finding out the right option for your website. But still, you might be making a mistake for that. But if you are thinking about Hostinger, then you are on the right track. You might need to do a lot of research for all the options that you are considering, but we have taken a little burden off your shoulders by doing this sort of thing for you. In this blog, we have reviewed the web hosting so that you can select based on the right opinions and make better decisions. Let’s start


    In this section we have included the pros of using Pros of the Hostinger web hosting: 

    Uptime and Performance

    Unlike many web hosting services which have great performance and uptime, do not guarantee a fast-loading website. It is an essential factor when selecting a website because it will really affect the user experience as well as the ranking of your website on the search engine results. Whenever a visitor comes to your site, they will be disappointed if your website does not load faster. 


    One factor which is the decisive point for the beginners is the cost of the plans of the web hosting they will be selecting. If any web hosting has expensive plans, then it gets out of the list instantly. But you don’t have to worry about the Hostinger plans at all. It has affordable plans which start at $1.39. This makes it an ultimate choice for the newbies. 

    Money-Back Guarantee 

    Many users don’t switch their web hosting plans because they fear the waste of money it involves. But Hostinger provides a money-back guarantee for its servers so they can easily try the web hosting and not worry about the cost it involves. They have a standard period of money back, which is 30 days. But there are a few conditions included in that which you should keep an eye for. 

    User Friendly

    When a newbie is starting on their website it is difficult to do many processes. One of those steps is starting the website or using the feature of the web hosting service provider. But with Hostinger you won’t be facing this problem. This web hosting service is super easy to use. It is user friendly so either you are a beginner or a non-technical background person there won’t be any issues with that. The dashboard is very basic which makes it simpler than most web hosting services. 


    While everyone is looking out for cheap plans for the web hosting service. You might even find the cheapest of the plans. But that will go to waste if you are not getting any additional benefits from those plans. If there are no freebies then the plan will be the same for you or in some cases it will be costlier. Hostinger provides a free website builder and domain name with their plans. 


    While there are many benefits of using Hostinger, there are some cons to it too. Let’s check them out:

    Lacks phone support

    Customer support is one of the essentials that many web hosting services should have. If they lack it you might face many issues while using it. Though Hostinger has customer support throughout it lacks phone support which can be a turn-off. Currently, many web hosting services are providing phone support which makes it an even more significant feature to check. 

    Uptime is not so good and shared

    While you can see that Hostinger is known for its high uptime. The higher uptime performance is true but it is for more expensive plans. For the shared hosting and WordPress hosting service, they don’t have such high uptime. Usually, many users face downtime on their website in this plan. This is why it might not be the choice for the basic plans.

    Budget plans have fewer features

    Just like we mentioned that the base and the budget plans have some drawbacks. Like the downtime, the website faces these plans. Along with that the budget plan also has limited features. When the budget plans or the standard plans are compared to the more advanced plans it might not be the best choice. They lack many features that other web hosting are providing even in the initial or starting plans.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are looking for web hosting which is not only effective but also versatile then Hostinger is the right option for you. Any website owner either big or small can benefit from using this web hosting service. You might not get great uptime all the time but the loading time is very less. Overall it is a great choice for anyone. Especially for the ones who are starting out and need a reliable option with brilliant customer support.


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