If you’re also someone who is wondering how they can add Google maps to their WordPress websites, then this is the right blog for you. Here we have explained two of the most popular easy ways of doing it.

    Adding Google maps on WordPress without a plugin

    Some people do not want to give in any time by looking for plugins or any other tools which can help them in adding Google maps. They just want to go through the process. In this section, we are discussing the steps to add Google maps on WordPress without any plugin. The steps are very simple with which you will be able to embed the map in no time. 

    For this process, you can choose the basic method of embedding with the default iframe. This is a common method that is used by many users. For this method, you have to reach the website of Google maps. When you have reached it then you have to insert an address in the search box. After this, tap on the Share button on the screen. With this, you will see the pop-up on the screen, which will display the options of embedding a map or sharing the link of your location. 

    When you see these options, choose the one with the embed map. It will take you further in the process. When this is done, you shall now copy the code which is there for the HTML Google maps. Post this, go to the page where you are planning to embed the map. Then complete the step with the block editor, where you will insert the customer HTML block. Here it is simple: you only have to post the code which is embedded from the Google maps. When it is done, make sure that you preview the page with all the edits and changes and update it. This process is very simple and quick. 

    You won’t need to spend a lot of time doing this. Even beginners can use this method to embed Google maps faster. But keep in mind when you use this method it might not be as effective as other methods because the SEO benefits from this one are less. Some businesses and chains have multiple stores. They need to post more than one address. If you are into that, then the latter method is for that. 

    Adding Google maps through WordPress through SEO plugin

    In this section, we are discussing the steps of adding Google maps with AIO SEO. It is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress to use for this process. The plugin has both free and Advanced versions which you can use. The pro version is better and can be used for more SEO benefits. 

    For starting the process, you have to install the plugin and then activate it. When it’s activated, you will see the button. Let’s get started and you have to click on it. Go to the local SEO section and activate it by pressing the button. Once it is done, we will proceed to add the location and will decide if you want to go for multiple or single location options. First, let’s start with a single location in which you shall go to local SEO again and make the option of multiple options inactive.

    Then go to maps and fill in the address on the enter a query then save it. Now comes adding multiple locations. For this, you have to keep the tab of multiple locations active. After this, go to the locations section and click on add new. Go to map and click on the enter a query to feed your address. Then update and keep adding your various addresses with the same steps.


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