Adding a navigation menu is a simple task, but many of our readers, for this matter. This is the reason we have created this entire guide for adding navigation menus in WordPress. WordPress is pretty simple to manage and access. In this guide, we will understand how to easily create the navigation menu in the WordPress website and its following steps which complete the process:

    For starting the process, you have to begin with the appearance tab on WordPress. You can form the navigation menu on WordPress with this tab. It will also help in managing and creating it. After going to appearance, you have to go to the admin page which has the menu bar. Some of the times finding a menu is simple, but if you find it difficult to search, then you can take the help of a WordPress plugin for the menu. In this step, you have to tap on the appearance bar then go to the menu.

    You can find it on the left side of the Admin page on your website. You have to tap on the option of creating a new menu. After this, you will see a name, use it for further use and then choose the area to display the button and then press the create menu after that. Then you will see on your screen the pages out of which you have to pick the one which you will display on your website. For this, you have to click on view all and then add to the menu bar. This step can even be done by the drag-and-drop method. Some even want to create the drop-down nested menu, which is easier to do by using the child menu. Whatever changes you made, you have to save them at last. 

    The next step for this process is adding the categories and custom links. It is necessary to add these to your menu because it will help in sorting and grouping posts. This will also provide you ease in posting in different sections of WordPress with custom links. You can do this on your site easily or on some other site as you wish. 

    This step will provide you with all the features which will be used in syncing the social media accounts and sites to this website. For completion of this step, go to the categories and tap on the add to the menu bar. After this, you can also edit the custom links tab. Post this you have to mention the URL and link of the website. 

    Once you have completed the previous process, if you want to edit the link text then you should start by reaching the section of the navigation label. Then tap on the button which says save menu. 

    For this step, you have to again go to the appearance tab then search for the remove link bar a d then navigation label field. After all of this, you have to save these changes in the menu with the save menu bar. 

    The final step is changing the location of your menu by going to the manage locations button. Then on the menu page, you can change the location of the menu by assigning a new location and saving all the changes. 

    Parting Thoughts

    You do not have to worry about the process of adding the navigation menu to your WordPress website. This can be done by anyone if they follow the given instructions. You don’t even have to use any kind of coding techniques for completing these steps. This will help you in getting better SEO for your WordPress website. You can even easily select the menu structure that you want for your website


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