Customizing the WordPress theme is a simple job. But there are so many tools and ways to customize the WordPress theme. If you do not have any particular tool for the customization, then you don’t have to worry because in this blog we will be under the customization of the WordPress theme through the WordPress customizer tool. The steps and setting process is very easy. Even a beginner can do it with the provided direction and guidelines. If you are also willing to customize the WordPress theme then this is the right blog for you. 

    Customization with the default WordPress customizer

    If you are a WordPress user for some time then you might know that WordPress has its own default customizer tool. This inbuilt customizer feature can give you a lot of benefits. This is a useful feature and very easy to use. If you want to customize your website theme then it can be helpful to you for that. The changes and customization that can be made with this customizer tool are amazing. But it cannot help you in all the ways. 

    The customizer tool is helpful to much extent but it still has certain limitations because not all kinds of users can do it. But if you are good with coding then it is good news for you. You will be glad to know that its features become more impressive automatically with it. It will also bring you many ways to do the customization with it. You can also find some of the premium WordPress themes which are highly effective. But it is hard to find many options. You will be limited to only a few WordPress themes that can help you with that. 

    For anyone who has decided to use the WordPress theme for the customization process then it is the right way to do that. In this guide, we will understand the entire process. If you have left behind the coding issues and are ready to do it then let’s start. For starting this process you need to go to the repository of the WordPress theme. Here you have to pick the theme which you will be installing. The theme that you choose will also be customized by you so pick that one. 

    After you have chosen the theme, you have to reach the WordPress dashboard again. Then you have to hover over the menu of the sidebar. Select the appearance menu on this dashboard which will help you in revealing the options from the taskbar of WordPress. The process can be considered to first reach the appearance, then go to themes after which you have to pick the theme. After this, install the theme and then customize it. 

    Through the customization options, you can easily customize the identity of the website. This will include the customisation of the logo and title of the website. If you wish to customize the colour of the theme then it is also an easy process. The customizer tool of WordPress also gives you the option to customize the money of the WordPress website theme. Some of the options for customization are also available depending on the kind of WordPress theme you are using. 

    Final words

    There are many ways to customize the WordPress theme. You can also try the page builders or the coding methods. But for this, you will need to have knowledge of coding. The process of customization through WordPress customizer tools is easy as well as accessible for most users. This is a free and default feature meaning it can be used by beginners. The ones who have premium themes also have this feature and that too with added benefits and features.


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