A blogger has to take care of many things when they are planning to start a blog. They have to manage so many tasks at the same time, which makes it some of the time unmanageable. But having a few WordPress plugins or tools which can make the task easier is always a plus. We have heard a lot of bloggers speaking about the problems they face when they are just starting out with their blogging website.

    There are many things that are concerned about this factor, but one of the most significant things that really matter is the knowledge of technical terms and coding. Many bloggers have passion for one thing and can only concentrate on writing and not on checking the technical aspects of the blogging website. One of their major concerns is page building. At various times, bloggers have to create many different pages for their websites. But if you own a page builder, then it would not be as bad of a problem. If you’re wondering which one to choose then in this blog, we will tell you some of the best WordPress page builders for 2022:


    One of the best and most popular builders on his list is SeedProd. You can create WordPress web pages with the help of this builder’s drag-and-drop feature. It will provide you with features with which you can create landing pages and 404 pages. One thing that makes many creators relieved is that these pages will be mobile-friendly.


    If you are looking for a page builder which is not only popular but also is enriched with features, then Elementor is definitely the one. You can find more than 90 widgets on this builder. They even have some already built templates. Thai builder gives you full control over the customization of the website pages. 

    Beaver Builder

    Nothing can be as good as a page builder, which not only gives you a chance of customization but lets it happen in real-time too. They are not limited to just builder features, but have many addons as well. For starters, they have sliders and galleries for their users. They even provide flexibility to use it for various websites at the same time. 

    Divi Builder

    On our list of drag-and-drop builders, Divi Builder is another addition that is popular as well as effective. Like many other options in this list, even Divi builder as well have the widest for its users. The UI for the drag-and-drop feature is also easy and basic, which can also be accessed by a person who is not tech-savvy.


    The last option on our list of drag and drop feature-based WordPress web page builders is the Brizy. You can take advantage of its blocks for marketing and content, which can be effective in using it for the customization of your WordPress web page. They even have a pop-up builder with the marketing tool. If you’re a fan of templates, then you can benefit from the ready-made 150 templates in this builder that can be accessed by its users.

    Final Verdict

    No matter what kind of website you own blogging for the business,  you are always going to need a WordPress page builder. This makes the task easier than ever. It doesn’t stop right there, but also makes many other features available to its users. It is not difficult to find an option that will provide multiple features along with the page building feature. After the right research, you will find the one feature which will stand right on all your requirements.


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