There are many known web browsers like Google Chrome, Bing, or Mozilla, but you might not have heard about the Brave browser. It is not a very known web browser but is also a very fast and trusted browser that can be used by anyone if safety is your major concern. 

    You will get an amazing experience of the blockchain effect. This will give you a satisfactory experience of reliance and protection of your personal and private information. If you want to use the brave browser then the browser will give you brave attention tokens and you can use these tokens for bitcoin. 

    Extra income with brave browser

    It can be considered as a safe and trustworthy browser with which you can also earn extra income. You can use this on any kind of device. It is one of the benefits of using this browser that it is accessible on both android and iOS. It can be an amazing option for anyone who has a youtube channel or blogging site. You can earn the brave attention token and then use it for various purposes. These can be anything like buying bitcoin or a living place as well. 

    How to make money online with its program 

    Unlike other web browsers, you can get many various programs with it. This web browser also provides you chances of earning money from an online source. For getting started with earning money you should begin with this process:

    • The first step to start with this program is to go with registration and then form an account with this web browser. 
    • Once you are done with registration and creation then you should get approval about your account. 
    • To get the payment you have to form an account with PayPal to get your account monetized. 
    • After completing this above process you will need to link your YouTube. This process is extremely simple and easy. 

    The essential fact that will be an advantage for you are:

    You will not have to check the setting many times once you have set up the process you will have to get done with it. You would not need to keep a track of it after that. 

    You are not limited to just one website or channel. You can add as many as you want. You do not even have to add the channels which are owned by you. You have the access to add various and different channels and websites as well. 

    This program acts in a simple way. Every time any user is entering the web brave browser from your website you will get to earn the brave tokens with it. After you have received these tokens you can also withdraw them easily. 

    You can do this with the help of upholding the account and it does not even need much of your concern every now and then. Once done you can be free with it. Whenever someone uses it you earn 5$ with it. This program is used by many people and users to get many sources of income. It helps them to earn even when they are not working much. The one-time set-up is the best part of it. 

    If you have a publisher account then this is one of the beneficial accounts. You would not even have to work much for earning the process will take place automatically once you have done the initial process. Then you will keep on earning with it. 

    Setting the publisher account

    Following is the process with which you can easily set up the brave publisher account and then you can start earning the brave additional token:

    • Enter the page of the brave web browser and then form the account. 
    • You can simply add many websites or YouTube channels to it. 

    Brave web browser program is an amazing step for anyone who wants to earn throughout without having to do much hard work. You can easily get to earn with just a one-time set-up.


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