WordPress is a simple website but requires a lot of effort to maintain it. A lot of users complain about certain activities that they do not know about WordPress. But there are so many tutorials that you don’t need to worry about any of the activities or processes that are required for WordPress. One of the things or factors which make WordPress the easiest hosting platform is the plugin it has. There is an enormous amount or number of plugins that you can find for WordPress. You can be worried about any activity or function and there is a plugin on WordPress for that. There are both free and paid plugins. You can choose whichever you want or feel is adequate for your requirement. 

    Every day there is some query from your readers who are trying out the WordPress world and how they can download plugins on WordPress. While it is a very simple process, the ones who have no idea how they can do the task can get confused over these topics. If you are also someone who has no idea how they can install a plugin in WordPress then this is the perfect blog that you are reading. In this blog, we will be giving details of all the directions that you need to take for installing plugins on WordPress. 

    Things to check first

    Many times, when a lot of users are trying to install plugins on WordPress, they don’t realize that they are using wordpress.com and into wordpress.org. If you want to install plugins, then you must upgrade or transfer your website to wordpress.org. As a little advice, I would like to state that wordpress.org is way better. So if you are using wordpress.com, then you immediately transfer to wordpress.org. Once you have installed, you can also upgrade to the business plan that they have. 

    Steps to install a WordPress plugin

    After you are done downloading the WordPress or transferring your website to the org version, then now it comes time to install the plugin for WordPress. As we are doing it for beginners, I want to discuss the easiest way which is installing a WordPress plugin in front of the WordPress plugin search. The method is super easy and can be done in a 7-year-old, which clearly states how quickly you can do it. Before you even start this process, I want to make it clear that the plugins on the plugin search will only be installed if it is already available in the plugin directory of WordPress. Other than this plugin, you won’t be able to install the plugin with this method. 

    Starting up with the process, you have got to the plugins and clock on the head new tab. You can find it in the admin section of your WordPress website. Go to that section and simply search the plugin you’re looking for. Once you find the right plugin that you are looking for, then you have to click on the tab of install now and then the plugin will be installed on the WordPress website. But do not forget to activate otherwise it will not work. 

    Final Verdict

    If you were totally unaware about the installation of the plugin on WordPress then you might have got a lot of clearance over that matter. We tried to include every single detail which can help you in making the process easier. You should follow the instructions which were provided in this blog and you will be good to go. Do not miss out on anything and do check the pre-instruction which is given in the early section of the blog to avoid any kind of obstacle. 


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