Google has an abundance of sources that it provides for making everyone’s life a little easier. Even for the website owners, there are many ways and tools that are effective and beneficial and for free as well. In Spite of being free, the tools offered by Google are effective and show the impact of using them. One of those tools that Google has provided and made a website owner easier to use is Google Analytics.

    All the tools available from google are superior. Especially when they are free they make the benefit seem double. Google Analytics is perfect for someone who wants to know more about the activity of their users and visitors on their website. This also gives them ideas about further plans and strategies. Before you know how to install Google Analytics let’s see why you ended it in the first place.

    Reason to install Google Analytics

    With the name itself, you can understand that Google Analytics will give you information and analytics of your website. Google Analytics will provide you with information about the users and suitors which is its first priority. You can know how visitors or users are at your website. The source of their information about discovering the website. The tool will also provide you with the information of the kind of visitors, like what type of visitor or who your visitors are? 

    Once you know the type of visitor and how they reached your website you can also get to know about their activity on the website. The kind of activity or pages they visit on your website will also be noted with Google analytics. The time of most people visiting your website. It says a lot about your type of website and your users too. Been their engagement and interaction with the post or your content are analyzed by this tool. All of these analytics will help you in making more strategies to increase the growth and success of your website.

    Installing google analytics on WordPress by MonsterInsights

    Before you install Google Analytics on your WordPress website you should first sign in to the Google Analytics account which is a very simple process. After you have done that you must download a plugin for the process and then activate it which is necessary. When the MonsterInsights plugin is installed, you will be able to see a tab saying add menu insights. After this, you will be asked to pick a category and then save it. 

    Then you have to tap on the MonsterInsights. Then you can give MonsterInsights permission to your account and then click on the allow button. After this, you will see a complete connection button. Post this you need to make several setups on the platform. Though not everyone needs to make a setting and default is fine but if you still need to make some changes then do it and save and continue. You can even upgrade with the paid addon to the pro version with the help of this step.

    Final Words

    There are many ways of installing Google Analytics on WordPress. In this blog, we have shown the one method which can be the easiest of all the methods. Some of the methods require a lot of knowledge about code which is so hard for beginners to understand. You can just simply follow the above guide and install Google Analytics for free only on your website and benefit from it for your website. It is used universally by many sites and has been helpful for them in running a more successful website.


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