Are you someone who is looking for a guide that can help them to minify the JavaScript and CSS files on their website? Then this is the right page for you. By minifying the JavaScript and CSS files, you can make the loading of your website easier and faster. Here you will understand the easiest methods for minifying so you can make the performance and speed of your website better.  

    With the help of WP Rocket

    Minifying the CSS/JavaScript is not a complicated process, but doing it with the WP Rocket plugin is easier. This is the reason why so many professionals recommend using it. You won’t have to be worried about the web hosting you are using for WordPress because it will work with any web hosting service. To start this process, you will have to install the WP Rocket and then activate it for use. 

    It is used by many people because of its effectiveness and user-friendly interface. It is also considered one of the best for this process. With this plugin, you can add WordPress to the caching without facing any difficulty. By doing this, you will get a relatively better and higher speed for loading pages and sites. After activating the plugin, go to the settings section of WP Rocket and then go to the File Optimization Tab. 

    When you have reached there, you should find and check on the changes done for Minifying CSS files. While checking, you will see a warning about this step which can harm your website. But you have to take further steps and then tap on the dialogue which says Activate Minify CSS. If in the future you face any issue due to this, then you can always come back and then deactivate it. 

    After this scroll on your website and you will find the JavaScript files section. You don’t have to do anything but check the option of Minify JavaScript files. You will find another warning here about harming or breaking your website. Don’t worry, move forward and tap on the button to Activate Minify JavaScript. When you are done with all these steps, you have to save it to make sure all the changes are stored. 

    After this, WP Rocket will start to make the changes and minify the CSS JavaScript files. Now you can go to the settings section on the plugin and then clear the cache if you want. Then you will get the surety of the changes and set-up in the website. 

    With the help of SiteGround

    For the ones who are already using Siteground as their web hosting for the WordPress website, then using Siteground for minifying the CSS and JavaScript would be a great idea. You can use it optimized for the process. It has a performance optimization plugin that can work on the right path for your platform.

    It has features to improve the load time, which means its performance with Ultrafast PHP. Just go forward and install the plugin and then activate it. Install this on the Siteground Optimizer. When you have done this, you should tap ok on the Siteground Optimizer section of the menu which you can find on the WordPress admin’s sidebar. 

    You will then reach the SiteGround Optimizer section and its settings. Then tap on the Go To Frontend button, which you can see below the Other Optimizer. Then you have to change to the toggle where the option of Minify CSS files option will be visible. Again, you have to clear the cache or your WordPress website so that you can easily load the files.


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