Are you looking for a guide that can help you with the focus keyphrase, its better understanding, and where and how to add it properly on your WordPress website then here is the blog which will solve all these queries.

    Steps to use the Focus keyphrase properly

    In this section, we will discuss the main factors to consider while adding the focus keyphrase and where to add it. 

    Keyphrase settings in WordPress

    When you are done with the set-up of the keyphrase, you should now start adding the blog post. You can also go to the old blog post and edit that. After this, you have to go to the AIOSEO section of settings where you will see an option of focus key phrase for that page. Here you have to type the key phrase and then tap on the option Add Focus Keyphrase Button. After this, it will analyze the content for the key-phrase. 

    Content improvement for the focus key-phrase

    With AIOSEO you only have to set the keywords and then it will provide you with some practical tips about the content. As an example, if your content lacks an SEO title, then it will show you the issue. There will always be some feedback and suggestions that will help you in this section. Let’s check them:

    • The first recommendation is for an SEO title where you have to add the primary focus key phrase. You just have to do the addition in the post title, which will be by default an SEO title as well. This is why it is suggested to be the focus key phrase in that. It is also possible to select an SEO title that is custom-made and then edit it yourself.
    • Not adding the focus keyphrase in the meta description is a bad idea. It will take the meta description by default from the post excerpt. But better is to add yourself and edit manually. It should not be consistent with any higher characters than 160, which is the standard number. It also makes it easy to add the focus key-phrase. 
    • AIOSEO suggests that the length of key phrases should not be more than 4. But those who want to add longer keywords should do it correctly and properly. 
    • While you are adding the focus keyphrase everywhere, don’t forget the website URL. This will make it more relevant for the pages and web posts. It is created automatically with the post title, so if the keyphrase is added there, then you won’t have to do it. It is also possible to add it manually if it is not added in the title. 
    • For better WordPress SEO results, it is necessary that you are adding the key phrase to the introduction section of your content too. You can do it by adding it in the first line or in the first paragraph of the content. It is also suggested to add it in the earlier part.
    • Readability is significant and if the focus keyphrase is added in the subheadings, then it will increase the ranking of your post. This makes the content more relevant. 
    • Image SEO is very important for better ranking and search engine results. You have to add the key phrase in the image Alt attributes too. This gives you a better chance of ranking because it helps visually impaired users as well. 

    Adding more than one focus key-phrase in WordPress

    You might have seen that longer blog posts have a better ranking in search engine results because they have a complete source. You should add all the necessary and relevant content to it. This is why you can add longer key phrases too on WordPress. 


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