Every new WordPress user has so many issues and questions with WordPress. It’s not difficult to control and access the website, but some of the points require a little knowledge and guidance so you don’t get anything wrong. One of the issues which many newbies have and need help with is redirecting pages or URLs on the WordPress website. In that case, you will need help from an expert. If you are also someone who is facing difficulty during redirecting the page or URL on a WordPress website.

    Why do you need to Redirect the Page or URL on the WordPress Website?

    While many of you are thinking about how you can easily redirect the pages or URLs on WordPress. There can be many reasons for doing this. Many users redirect the page because they have made changes in the post’s or page’s slug. Even when you have made changes or edited in the permalink or the settings. Mostly when users are creating or writing any post at that time, they just want to redirect the old post. No matter which of these cases you are facing, you will require redirecting the page or URL.

    Redirecting without Plugin

    When you don’t want to use any plugin and want to do the whole process manually, then you should follow this process. If you are thinking of redirecting the post or page on the WordPress website manually because of redirecting those to newer posts then you should go for a manual method. Many users go for the manual method because the plugin that they use for the process won’t respond or help in the redirection. When you are doing it manually you will need to start by creating a redirect manually. On your WordPress website, you have to enter the tools section and then go to redirection. 

    After you scroll down towards this section you will find the tab of add new redirection. There will be a box for filling the source URL in which you have to insert the URL you want to redirect. Then you will see the target URL on which you have to fill the URL which you are willing to redirect to. You need to not do anything else or if you want you can also go to modified posts and after doing all these steps you can tap on the button of add redirect and the process will be done here.

    Redirecting with a plugin

    After doing it manually here we are discussing the process of redirection in completing the redirection with a plugin. It is considered the simplest and easiest way of redirecting a page or URL on the WordPress website. You can pick any plugin option because there are plenty to choose from. When you have selected the Redirection plugin, you have to go to the add a new section on the dashboard of your WordPress website. Then you can install the plugin and then activate it door the process.

    You shall do the setup first before going on with the process. Go to the add new redirection and insert the URL for both source and target. Then you can tap on the add redirect button for finishing the process. After you are done with this you can also check the functioning of the redirection.

    Final Verdict

    No matter if you are thinking of making any changes in the post or your website, you will need to redirect the post, page, or URL on the WordPress website. This step will help during editing the permalink structure, making the SEO better. We have discussed two methods of redirecting you to pick anyone based on your convenience. Usually, many people go with a plugin because it is simpler, but the time it takes to respond or any other issue manual is the best choice.


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