According to the Statista report. In 2021, the global legal tech market was valued at 18.4 billion U.S. dollars, with the market set to increase further in the coming years.

    If you own a law firm, there is a good chance that you are also worried about how to smoothly bill your clients and manage your law firm efficiently, it’s not surprising that many lawyers are using the billing and law firm practice management software from the start. For most lawyers, choosing the best legal billing and case management software is a challenging task. You have several options to choose from and some important factors to consider. It can be overwhelming to figure it out.

    When it comes to legal case management software, there are abundant choices available and the most important decision is to choose the right product. It’s important not just because it will save you time but also because choosing the wrong legal case management software can lead to mistakes that cost you more money! 

    What is Legal Case Management Software?

    Legal case management software is a solution that automates the process of billing clients, preparing invoices, document management, staff management, calendaring, accounting and automatically transmitting electronic payment information, etc. best legal case management software can be used by law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies, and governments.

    Developed specifically for lawyers and legal professionals, legal case management software makes it easy to manage your billing, invoices, and cases with one centralized system, regardless of the type of organization you work for.

    Legal billing software is used by over 80% of the US legal industry and is rapidly expanding throughout the world. You can use law firm case management software not just for document management, and case management but also to track your clients, the bill for your services, and create invoices. It helps you get paid faster and be more organized than you were before. Most legal case management software is cloud-based and will typically help you track your clients, and manage documents and invoices online.

    What Mistakes do Lawyers Make While Choosing Legal Case Management Software?

    Since the Legal industry has opened its gate to legal tech, the industry is full of tech options that have uncountable features, to get the best lawyers to tend to overlook the need for proper analysis before buying the solution and end up paying more for less. Most legal tech providers offer features that are demanded by legal professionals and the legal industry but not in the basic plan so lawyers have to upgrade themselves to a higher plan ending up paying a large amount of money for just a few features that they wanted.

    Key Points to Note While Buying Case Management and Legal Case Management Software

    ->Features you want

    ->Features you are getting along with your requirement



    ->Data Migration 

    ->Customer Support

    -> Ease of use 

    According to research conducted, legal professionals have recommended CaseFox 9 out of 10 times for its ease of use, features, and affordability. CaseFox has emerged as the new favorite law firm practice management software due to its robust features, exceptional support staff, and super fair pricing strategy. When compared to other legal tech leaders CaseFox came out to be one of the most chosen. CaseFox has a fairly billing plan where you get all the features you want in the basic plan itself only and upgrade only when you need more users to access the system. CasFox offers a variety of features in a one-shot price LEDES billing, Bulk invoice generator, document and case management, effective client and contact management with an exceptional client portal, and integrations with the most used applications such as LawPay, QuickBooks, Xero, etc. Giving features like premade document templates, automated invoices, custom fields, and more features that will work wonders for your productivity. Moreover, CaseFox also provides a free lifetime trial plan to up to 3 users, although more reasons to subscribe to CaseFox.

    Here is an Overlook of Top Legal Tech Software Providers when Compared to CaseFox;

    If you have been around in the legal industry for a while you must have heard Clio’s name, Clio’s plan starts from $39 giving out just the basic features like document management, case, and staff management but when it comes to core features the most demanded by legal industry like LEDES billing, UTBMS coding, custom fields, integrations to streamline your accounting process such as Xero & QuickBooks is not offered in the basic plan.

    Whereas if we talk about CaseFox compatibility to your needs, CaseFox offers all the above-mentioned features with others in their basic plan starting at $12.50 with 24/7 customer support for onboarding, data migration, and issues you face with your journey which Clio doesn’t offer.

    MyCase offers a vast range of features and functionality although they offer all the key features in their basic plan which starts from $39, if you need premium features like integrations, mobile app, and call logs for communication, premium invoicing which includes LEDES invoicing and account statements then you have to upgrade yourself and pay $59. 

    CaseFox gives you all this at $12.50 with additional powerful features: document templates, forms, template creation, and all the important key integrations which Mycase lacks in its plan.

    Bill4time is a leading competitor when it comes to legal tech, not due to its viability and compatibility with law firms’ needs. Even though being a popular legal tech solution Bill4time lacks a fair pricing structure making lawyers pay more for what they need. Starting at $27 Bill4time’s legal time and billing plan offers the basic feature as contact, document, and case management along with billing and invoicing

    Bill4time doesn’t include premium features like conflict check, custom fields, or advance reporting in its $27 plan, but CaseFox fills this gap by offering its basic plan with premium features and services which Bill4time lacks in its plan.


    Starting at $49 PraticePanther brings in a bundle of features with its variety of plans ranging from $49 to the highest $89. When you take an overview look at the PracticePanther feature list, all the average features are offered in the basic plan.

    If you would like to have functionalities such as LEDES billing, UTBMS coding, custom fields, or client intake forms you would need to upgrade yourself to the highest costing plan to use that features, this becomes a problem for those firms who just need a single premium feature and end up paying for functionalities they don’t require.

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    Summing Up

    Before the development of legal billing and case management software, many lawyers used spreadsheets or word processing software to manage the operations of their law firms. Commercial electronic legal billing software has made the process of scheduling clients, sending reminders, and managing billing operations much easier than ever before. The software works by helping you organize your data and track your cases on predefined profiles and cases. Hope this blog has given you a detailed overview of the legal tech industry so you can prioritize both saving money and not compromising on features.


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