WordPress has many features and plug-ins which makes the experience of hosting a website on WordPress great. There are no limitations in the options because more than 30% of the website is hosted on WordPress. This makes it an influential platform for websites. One of the ways in which WordPress is amazing for its new users is that it has a lot of options for beginners. This means that the availability of the option for the free stuff is endless. 

    You can actually find a lot of options that can provide you with a free option that too with a lot of functionalities. The free option does not mean that the options are not effective. It is very easy to find a plugin or theme which is enriched with features and is also not making a hole in your pocket. Even in this blog, we are discussing similar kinds of themes. This blog will open your options to the themes which best as well as free making it a big deal for WordPress users. The themes included in this blog are not only free but also one of the top options, some of which are also recommended by professionals as well. 

    Twenty Seventeen

    One of the most obvious options on our list is Twenty Seventeen. It is more of an experienced WordPress theme, which is classic, meaning that it has stood strong even after a long time. The theme is appreciated by the WordPress community and also is considered one of the most popular options. This theme can easily opt for a basic blogging site. 


    Another popular theme on our list is Astra. This might be a little new in the market, but it’s growing at a very fast pace and making its name in the industry as a free theme. The theme is specifically known for providing the right features which are needed to host any basic website. It is a minimal theme designed for specific users who don’t want any unnecessary features on their theme and want it simple and to the point. 


    OceanWP is a specifically curated theme for WordPress. The features and functionalities of OceanWP are very much of the same kind when compared to Astra. The minimal features and the performance make them similar. Even in the terms of feature delivery, it matches with the Astra theme of WordPress. If you own an e-commerce website, then OceanWP can be a good option for you. It helps in the launch and planning of the stores. Even the customization options add to it. 


    Another WooCommerce specialised theme on this list is Storefront. The theme has all the features that a WooCommerce theme has and a website will need. If you look at the design of this theme, it is simple and basic. Nothing much is going on in there. This makes accessing it very easy. They also have page builders and it is free of glitches. The platform is favourable for my kind of user because of its ease of use and simplicity. Even for the ones who want to start a store in the online mode. 

    Final words

    No matter how much you search, it is always difficult to make a decision when it comes to the themes that are available for WordPress. The endless availability of the option makes it an even harder process. The above-mentioned themes are all free and they have amazing features which can make your experience on WordPress better and your WordPress website an even better place. You can pick any of the options based on the requirements you have for your WordPress website.


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