Selecting anything in today’s world when you are given thousands of options is a difficult task. Then it is not right to expect you to choose web hosting when you are having a hundred options. And some of them are so good that you cannot find one simple answer to the question. If you are also searching for a good web hosting option and are stuck with the two of the most excellent options that are Siteground and Bluehost, then you are not alone in the struggle. There are many like you. While Bluehost is one of the most preferred options in the web hosting industry, Siteground is not very far in the race. 

    Both of the web hostings have many features to offer to their users. SiteGround has grown in popularity a lot these past few years. You do not have to make the hard decision yourself because in this blog we have included all the essential details about this web hosting company that you should check before making the decision between both of these options. Let’s find out all about these web hosting in this blog:

    What should you look for in a web hosting when you are selecting one:

    Before we start what are the best features both of these web hosting can offer you, let us elaborate a little about the features that you should look for in a web hosting

    If you are a beginner, then the cost and the user-friendly features would be the biggest priority for you.

    You can find the cheapest web hosting with its most affordable plans, but if it doesn’t offer many freebies, then it is not a good deal for you.

    Uptime and speed are the critical factors that can directly affect your website’s performance and the bounce rate. 

    Customer support and knowledge base are the factors that are mostly ignored but should be one of the priorities while making the decision.

    Ease Of use

    While you can check with many reviews that their users have, both are pretty simple and user-friendly web hosting. One of the major differences is that Bluehost has cPanel, which is the standard one, and on the other hand, SiteGround has a cut panel with a spotless interface. It is quite difficult to say which one is a winner but with custom panels those around are taken by SiteGround.


    The performance of a website is essential because it gives you an upper hand over the other websites. It helps in increasing your ranking and traffic. Both of the websites promise high uptime and speed. When compared, you will find that SiteGround is outstanding in both the features, but when it comes to Bluehost, it performs decently in front of its competition. As per the tests and performance, SiteGround is a winner. 

    Data centre

    While the data centre is not the direct requirement of any website owner, it should be the last consideration. Bluehost had a good network, but it only had 1 one server location. While on the other hand, SiteGround is having 6 server locations, giving it an upper hand over the other. 


    There are plenty that you can find in both of these web hostings. They have good customer support which outstands many of the other web hostings and it’s difficult to pick one. You can choose any of these options and you will find a highly secure web. Bluehost had more storage than SiteGround, which is an essential factor. You don’t even have to worry about the freebies. Both of these have their set of freebies. Bluehost has a little advantage in this section. It even has decent pricing, saving a lot in your pocket and also making it a good deal by giving freebies with lower costing plans. 

    To Conclude

    While you can yourself see how impressive both these web hostings are. You cannot declare one of these both to be the clear winner because of their advantages and drawbacks. While SiteGround is enriched with good support and performance, it charges you higher for this performance. Bluehost, on the other hand, has more storage, popularity, and some additional features and freebies. When it comes to renewal charges, there’s not much difference. Now the decision comes to you which factors you prioritize.


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