Digitalization has given us a lot of new websites which we could never imagine. There is a website for every sort of thing or niche. Most people are trying to get out of their 9to5 jobs and start their own websites. But one thing which has changed over the years about digitalization is that it has shifted from PCs or laptops to mobile phones. It is hard to find anyone who is going for a system for basic browsing or internet surfing. 

    Do first things, first remember why you need a mobile-friendly website?

    Before you go on thinking about how to create a mobile-friendly WordPress website, it is also significant that you know the reason for creating one. If your brand has some specific motive to cover, then that should be your first concern. Apart from that, the basics and essentials are similar for everyone for creating a mobile-friendly website.

    Go for website performance first

    No matter if you are creating a mobile-friendly website or desktop-friendly website, a large scale or a small scale website, you are going to need one thing as the top factor and that is its performance. If your website doesn’t give high performance, then you might want to get it done. With a low-performing website, it is difficult to gain the ‌success you are targeting for. 

    WordPress theme

    It is necessary that you have a WordPress theme for your website. Most users or webmasters already have a WordPress theme for their websites. But if you don’t already have one, then you can install one. Creating a WordPress theme by yourself is also considered a great option for webmasters. 

    Test by Google

    If you are already doing all the efforts for your website for the performance and the mobile-friendliness, then this might be the time that you also give it a try. This means that you should check the effectiveness of the website for the factors of mobile-friendly. You can use the Google test for this process. This will let you know how effective your website is for the process. 

    Never forget responsive plugins

    Every time a new website is launched or created, it often seems that they forget about the plugins. It is either this or they are installing too many WordPress plugins, which can be overwhelming for your website. It will make the website slower. But if you are going for response plugins, then you will not face this problem. 

    Pop-ups are not advised for mobile websites

    When you have a website and it has a pop-up, it is always a turnoff for the visitors. But it is seen as a great way of promoting. Pop-ups can be great when you are targeting a desktop-friendly website. But the website with mobiles should not include a pop-up. But if you still want to promote, then instead use an email list. 

    Responsive media

    Media is one section that takes a lot of the storage from your website. When you want your website to open easily on mobile, then you definitely need to maintain that. Start by scaling your media files to the right size. If there are still some files there, you can hide those files for the viewers. This will create some space and make the visibility better and more concise. 

    Final words

    Creating a mobile-friendly website is extremely important in this era. Especially when not even one person is living without a phone. All things are more accessible and handy on a mobile phone, which will make your website more accessible and useful for them. With the above tips and tricks, you can start the process of creating it. Keeping all these in mind will make it easier and simpler for you to create a mobile-friendly website. 


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