There are many things that affect a digital marketer. They not only have to keep up with the pace of changing technologies and strategies but also with the demand of the individual website or business. If you also own a website or online business, you must know about the importance of SEO on website success. There are many factors and aspects involved in digital marketing. One of the most essential ones is keywords. Keywords are tricky and cannot be decided on gut feeling. You will have to check the keyword through the planner or tools.

    But the keywords research is not the only thing that needs to be performed for keyword research. It has many things and situations and one of which is keyword difficulty. Many people take this term wrong and do not understand the proper meaning of this term. That is why in this blog we will explain to you about keyword difficulty and the process of measuring it. Let’s dig in:

    What is keyword difficulty?

    Keyword difficulty is a term that means or explains the difficulty of the selected keyword for ranking in the search engine. This is not considered on the keyword being wordy but the chances of it getting ranked and achieving a good mass of traffic with it. Some of the keywords have high-ranking chances but have too much traffic already, which lessens your chances of getting ranked. But some of the keywords have low difficulty, but the amount of traffic that they can gain is too low, making it hard to rank on the results. 

    Significance of keyword difficulty

    If you have a website it is very obvious that you are also working with the keywords too. They are extremely significant for the process of the keywords. Keyword research is not a simple process at all. But when you are considering the factors about the keyword difficulty then you can actually benefit in the areas of search volume and traffic range with it. This means that you won’t have to work as hard as earlier and still get the right keywords for your content and the SEO. 

    In this process of keyword difficulty, there is a difference here. There are many tools that help in finding the keyword difficulty but all of these tools provide different results. It is not just that the scores are different by 2-3 points but in fact, they were really scattered in different zones. We performed research and we were surprised to see the difference. Here it is not even about a variety of keywords. Similar keywords were searched on different tools and the results were very different. But getting ranked and gaining more traffic is one of the prime goals of any website owner. With keyword difficulty, it will be easier. With the variation in results, you won’t be able to target the right keyword for your niche. This is why you need to search for the right keyword difficulty. In the below section we will discuss several ways to do so. 

    How to measure it?

    While you have heard about keyword difficulty and it has many benefits too so now, it is time that you can also understand how you can measure the keyword difficulty for your website and rank it higher. With these points, you will be able to measure the keyword difficulty. It is very useful for making your can with high-volume keywords. This makes the ranking of your content or the website easier.  

    • With the help of other website links, you can easily measure the keyword difficulty. Many websites have built links from other websites. If their keyword is ranking then you can understand the keyword difficulty through it. It can be easily done with the help of content quality too. It is obvious that when you get backlinks from top pages your page will rank somewhere at the same level only. But when you have achieved the position then the struggle is different. It won’t be about quality page inks or anything else. But other categories will also be considered. 
    • With the help of page content, you can measure the keyword difficulty. You might have heard about using the keywords at certain places in the content like title, heading, and URLs. This way you will get your content to rank higher and use the keyword difficulty in your favour. Even mentioning the keywords in the early part of the content and during the end matters differently. It is not necessary that you use the exact same keyword for your content. Using a similar or synonym also does the work rightly. Unlike earlier when Google was not able to detect it. The algorithm is much better now.
    • With the help of domain authority as well, it is possible. Though there is a big controversy about domain authority or domain quality existing at all for Google. But there are still many speculations about making it better and every website or guest posting, or link building includes this. Imagine if your keywords and content are posted on a low-quality website and the same word or content is posted on a high-quality website then the chance of your blog or content getting naked is higher. It is because of the changes, traffic, relevance and ranking of that website. 
    • With the help of searcher intent as well, you can measure the keyword difficulty. The simple way of doing it is by making a copy of your page. You can also make your website faster and more user-friendly. You will need to get some backlinks too. But not the irrelevant or from lower quality websites. But the website which have high ADA and traffic. Veen when your search results are making an impression on the users, or they like it then Google will start locating it on the first page. 

    Final words

    Keyword difficulty might not seem useful to you right now, but in reality, you can use it in many ways. Keyword difficulty has been used by many professionals to rank their articles and blogs higher. You should not take it wrongly and use it as per the traffic and volume it attracts. This is very crucial, especially for the newcomers who have just started a new blog or website. 


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