Have you ever searched for something on the internet? With the search result, there are some additional questions to which pop below the answer or search results. Those are FAQs. FAQs are very popular and helpful in solving queries. When you search for something, there are many related questions as well, which makes it more interesting to read or we can say it solves the queries in more detail. If you own a website, then you should have the FAQ plugin too, which makes your users really try to solve the issue or at least dedicate good research to the topic. If you are planning to do so then you might be looking for some good. FAQ plugins which we have mentioned on this blog. 

    Quick and Easy FAQs

    With Quick and Easy FAQs, you will be able to form many FAQs with the custom posts. They have many customization options which are simple and easy to apply. You can even go for the default style. It is simple. Mostly it is used by beginners so that they don’t have to go through a complicated process. It is also easy to change the fonts, colors and the theme of your website with itm 

    Easy Accordion

    Every time one is trying to install themes and plugins, they load their websites with a lot of stuff. This slows down the website and hinders its performance. But with Easy Accordion you won’t face the same problem. Even though it is light, it is still packed with a lot of features. Starting from the typography, colors and themes it offers for customization. 

    Ultimate FAQ

    Ultimate FAQ is the one which will provide you with limitless options of tag and support. They have features which will let you know about the FAQ and the number of times it was seen by your users. This will help you in evaluating the pages better. The highlight feature which this plugin has is that it can help you in implementing the short code easily. 

    Arconix FAQ

    Acronix FAQ is a simple plugin which lets you put shortcodes on the items which are created by plugins. This is a basic and simple plugin to use for FAQs. This is the reason why its dashboard and navigation are so easy and straightforward. You will get the link below this page which says return to top. It is useful when your website has many items on the same page. 

    Helpie FAQ

    Creating the FAQ posts, and tagging them in the issue type are simple things which can take up a lot of your time. Even assigning them into the right categories seems like a task but with Helpie FAQ you can do it easily with simple steps and especially all in one place. It is a fully responsive plugin which can help in high-end customization too.

    Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

    Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs is a great plugin which is used by over 50 WordPress site administrators. The plugin is known to provide SEO friendly functionalities. It is very professional and intuitive which is helpful to maintain the FAQs by the team. You can easily take care of the extra coding requirements and even help in keeping the website clean.

    Heroic FAQ

    Heroic FAQ is a robust option which can help in taking your website on the ground quickly with the FAQ. The customization is great on this plugin as it helps in editing the color, look, and visual experi of the website. They have the drag and drop interface which definitely makes the styling and animation a lot easier. 

    Final Words

    FAQs are essential and it is known to everyone. There is no sense in postponing posting FAQs along with the content that you are posting. In the above blog, we enlisted some of the top and best FAQ plugins for your WordPress website which can help in writing and designing FAQ. It helps in providing a good experience to your users and viewers. This will help in presenting your service and product before your visitors. 


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