WordPress is a gigantic web hosting platform that is very famous. It does not need any introduction. More than a quarter of the world’s websites are hosted at WordPress. The popularity of the website hosted on this platform is also at risk. It gives the hackers a higher chance of hacking the website. 

    Hacked websites are the biggest nightmare for users. They try so hard to protect their website so it is not affected by hackers or any kind of attackers. There is no way that you can secure your website if you are not taking the right measures. There are several ways of securing your WordPress website. One of these ways is malware scanners and vulnerability scanners. They tend to be very effective in the security factor. These scanners will help you in finding the malware in the early stage so you don’t have to face any further issues. 

    Malware scanners and vulnerability scanners are essential and will provide better security and protection to your website. Malware is surely the haunting word that keeps bugging the website owner. If your website is hacked, the information and data are also at stake. Your data will be leaked, which is going to harm your ranking on Google. The best way to protect your website is by installing a scanner. We agree that finding the right plugin might not be the easiest task, but here is a guide that has some suggestions for you to look at. You will find 5 of the best options for malware scanner and vulnerability scanner tools. 

    Jetpack Scan

    You might know about Jetpack scan because the creator of this scanner and of WordPress and woocommerce are the same. It is a pretty popular scanner, which is from the jetpack plugin. It is a premium service and you get the results that are worth it. The scanner performs detection regularly. There is no chance of a virus getting in. and even if a virus gets into your website, you will receive an alert from the scanner in the form of an email. 


    If you want to go for the number one option, then we should definitely check the Wordfence. It is the best on the list. It provides a firewall that gives prominent features. It also has full malware protection, which is the demand of the moment. They have both free and premium versions. The free version does a good job too, but it cannot give quick results because it is delayed by 390 days. While the premium version has quicker and faster results. 

    Cerber Security

    Among plenty of great scanners, you should definitely give extra attention to Cerber security, which is a full WordPress scanner, meaning it is specially curated to deal with its vulnerabilities and malware. The scanner is good, and strengthens your site, and is harder in front of malware or viruses. It runs full scans and other troublesome matters, too. 


    If you are looking for a scanner that performs well for the scanning part but does not affect your website or its running or performance, then Malcare is the choice you should make. It performs the scan, but not on your server, which saves you from any downtime or speed effects. 

    Sucuri SiteCheck

    Anyone who wants a free malware or vulnerability scanner can check out the Sucuri SiteCheck. Also, you can use the Sucuri Security plugin for the website’s malware and security checks. Even after being free, it gives pretty excellent results. You can enter your website URL and then it will provide the git of your website and its condition for the malware or virus. It is simple to use a scanner that easily provides you with the results of your site and gives you the issues in detail.

    To Conclude

    The safety and security of your website should be your first motive. You can do all the right things for promoting your WordPress website and creating good content consistently, but if you don’t work on malware detection and get rid of it at times, it is going to harm it badly. Therefore, we have mentioned above some of the best malware and vulnerability scanners, so you don’t ever have to face that.


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