Web hosting is the most essential part of starting any website. But it is also one of the most difficult parts which users might not consider as important. There are various kinds of platforms to host a website and WordPress is among the most popular ones. Its number of users is growing every day. 

    Though you don’t need any web hosting separately to run a WordPress website. But if you want the process to be better and easier, then you might want to use WordPress hosting. You might be wondering what WordPress hosting is. WordPress hosting is like any other web hosting. But WordPress hosting is primarily concerned with WordPress and has features that consider WordPress to be the most integral part. One of the highlights of the WordPress hosting feature is the single-click installation of WordPress. This makes the installation simpler because it is specifically concerned for WordPress users. There are other things related to WordPress hosting as well. In this blog we will discuss everything about WordPress hosting:

    Types of WordPress hosting

    Hosting is of various types. If you are old into the web world, then you might know the kinds and types. But for WordPress hosting there are two crucial parts of WordPress hosting which are preferred by various kinds of users. For WordPress hosting, there are specifically two types of WordPress hosting. The first is shared hosting, and the second one is managed hosting. Anyone who has died WordPress knows about WordPress hosting and shared hosting is the basic and primary version of it. In shared hosting, you share the server with other websites. In managed hosting, you will not share the server with other websites and you have more control over your website than anyone else. 

    Shared VS Managed Hosting

    After learning about what is the meaning of the two website hosting, it’s that you decide which one should you pick. There is no correct answer about the right WordPress hosting for your website. It entirely depends on the type of your website, its traffic volume and other factors about your website. Only then you should make the decision. 

    Shared WordPress hosting is a simple and basic plan of any WordPress hosting which is affordable and has all the essential features for your website. It is considered being the go-to option for newbies.it is good to start your website with because during the start you don’t have high traffic and it will save you a lot. 

    But managed hosting gives more features and better performance of your website. It has a higher speed and less loading time. But the plans for managed hosting are higher than the shared hosting. The answer to shared vs. managed hosting is entirely the choice of the user. It will depend on the type, scale and requirements of the website. If you have a low budget then you will have to go for the shared WordPress hosting but also check out the best option which has more features. And if budget is not a concern and you want to go for more advanced features then managed WordPress hosting should be your choice 

    Final Thoughts

    WordPress hosting is not necessary but it makes the process easier and smoother. WordPress does not demand you to have a hosting site. You can run a WordPress website without hosting but if you have WordPress hosting then it will be of so much benefit to you. Both shared hosting and managed hosting are great for WordPress. For the newcomers, it is great to go with the shared WordPress hosting option and the ones who have an established website of big scale that gets high traffic should go for the managed WordPress hosting. Budget can also be a concern while selecting the hosting type for your WordPress website. 


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