Many times, your website faces problems. These problems cause crashes on your website. It’s difficult to detect the cause, but these causes are affecting your website. Most of the time, the common causes which are faced by the website and cause crashes are sudden increases in your website traffic, which is unusual than the regular rate. If your site is having any updates for the plugin or some hacker is trying to hack your website, all these can be a cause. 

    But sometimes the website owner doesn’t even have the idea of these causes and is then unable to solve them. This is because your website does it have the proper notification which alarms you about these situations or attacks. Every time your website has crashes or downtime, you will also face loss in income and visitors, and traffic. The crash also harms your website. To save your website from that and yourself from spending hours fixing it, you can download a management and monitoring tool

    It will not only save your website from crashing or downtime, but will also save your efforts and time. In this blog, we will discuss one of those tools which can provide you with similar functions. WP Umbrella is a popular tool for WordPress management and monitoring. It is also used by professionals. To know more about this tool, read the blog further:

    It manages more than one website at a time

    When you are spending time on WordPress management, it seems like a daunting task, then if you have more than one website, the time and effort rate increases automatically. But with WP Umbrella you won’t be spending hours and hours just checking the PHP performance of your website. This will do the task easily and will save you a lot of time and effort. It also helps in watching the themes and plugins of those websites. 

    It helps in monitoring the uptime and performance of your website

    Most of the websites take proper care of the website’s performance. It regularly checks for the uptime and performance of its website. But there will eventually come a time when a website faces downtime. For that reason, it is necessary that you get a notification about the issues you can fix immediately. With the WP umbrella, you will get the notification for these kinds of issues as well as it will also keep a good track of the uptime of the website all the time. 

    It also beneficial in PHP monitoring and WordPress health

    Many people have multiple websites and they need to check for bugs and troubleshoot the process all the time. This tool will be helpful for you in managing multiple sites at a time and keeping good PHP monitoring. Not only this but it will also provide you proper check on WordPress health. This means the optimization and growth of your website are taken care of by this tool. 

    Final Words

    Not many WordPress websites get notifications about errors or problems with their website. Some websites even face low performance and ranking because of errors and issues with their WordPress website. There are times when your website is down and you don’t have any idea about it. This can go for hours and some of the time, even for days. 

    During the time your website is down, you cannot have good performance. This also affects the user experience. Some of the people don’t even have the idea that their website was low. This highly affects the ranking, too. But with WP Umbrella, you can get the notification. This will save you from endangering your website and controlling it anytime. 


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