YouTube is a source of income for many of its creators. Recently YouTube launched a new feature in the list of its paid digital goods alongside other options. This APIs digital option is known as Super Thanks. This is the 4th option of monetization that YouTube has introduced for its creators. With this feature, a YouTube creator’s fan can pay them on any of their posted videos on the platform. 

    The same kind of feature is available when a creator goes live and the fan pays them with super chat. But in this case, the YouTube creator won’t have to stream live and they can receive appreciation on their already posted videos themselves. The payment mode is available in 4 sections. You can choose among any four of the given amount and pay your favorite creator the amount they deserve because of the value video they posted. 

    This payment price ranges between $2 to $50. The earlier tools were a takeaway from other hosting platforms but this one the Super Thanks feature is original. This kind of feature is available on Instagram as well. There too a creator can be paid while going live. But there is no way of payment for the posts or reels. 

    The previously introduced feature of YouTube which is Super chat has worked successfully and many creators found it beneficial. YouTube reverted to this feature from 10 million users. This increase was 3 times higher than the previous year’s income. This shows a lot about the digital goods of YouTube. 

    The feature was known to some users already because it had been tested on a YouTube channel before launching it officially. The channel was earlier known as applause. The ratio in which YouTube has its share in digital goods is only 30%. 

    This feature is now introduced for more than 68 countries for now and with time many other YouTube monetized eligible partners will also have the benefit from it. 

    These features are going to help the YouTube creators in earning income from some other sources rather than an advertisement. These Super Thanks can be posted on any video new or old. If a viewer likes an old video of their favorite YouTuber then they can surely go for the Super Thanks options and pay the creator $2, $5, $10, and $50. This feature will be accessible on all devices like desktops, laptops, or even mobile phones. 

    The news came out to be a big one for all the YouTube creators giving them more reason to post valuable and quality content. After the Super thanks payment, the viewer’s comment will be highlighted in the section of comments. It can even free their brand from depending on the income generated through ads and get it from their main audience itself.


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