Creating a blog post is an extremely difficult task. After so much effort and hard work you curate an idea into the world. But there are times when your blog post does not reach the audience. You need a more appealing approach to reach your audience. That is when you think of creating videos for your blog posts. This will be more beneficial in reaching a wider range of audiences. Not to mention it is seen that engagement and conversion are better when viewers get your content or idea with videos. This is why many bloggers prefer making videos as well for these blog posts. 

    Unlike people’s assumptions, you don’t have to make many expenses for creating videos because they can be made in affordable ways too. There are many applications or tools that can be used for this. 

    Why should you make videos of your blog posts?

    Many people do not believe that there is any need for making videos for the blog post. But that is not true because making videos of your blog posts is very beneficial. This will give you more benefits in the long run. Let’s have a look at some reasons which justify the videos of a blog post:

    The videos are more entertaining which means that people tend to watch the videos more than the blog posts. This will increase the spread of your website or idea. 

    The engagement rate is better with videos. In the survey, it is concluded that videos create a better impression which lasts for a longer time. This is why making videos of your blog post is essential. 

    It will increase the conversion rate of your business. 

    Now let’s see the ways in which you can create 

    With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint

    As I mentioned earlier you do not need to go out of your budget for creating videos. You can just get started with PowerPoint too. This is one of the simplest ways to inexpensively creating videos. Start by creating a slideshow of those videos. You do not need much skills or effort for it, only the Microsoft account. The basic steps which are required for making a presentation should be followed for this as well. With animation, you can create effectively and then add pictures. After creating it you can save it through files and then it’s done. 

    With the help of a tool

    For the ones who are thinking of any other source then Microsoft can also check out tools for video creation. You can use many tools which are available online for video creation. Many users prefer Lumen for this. One good factor which I personally like is that there is no requirement for writing. It will do the work by itself. It just has a few drawbacks like lack of customization other than that it is a great tool. 

    With the help of software

    If you are ready to do some work then video-creating software is an amazing option. Unlike the previous option, you will even get the feature of customization in it. You can even watch the tutorials if you face any difficulties. There are no limitations in the variety of options as well. 

    With the help of a Freelancer

    Not everyone knows everything. This means that you need help from someone else who is an expert in this situation. Hiring freelancers is a great option because you won’t have to pay unnecessarily and only pay for the work done and only when it is done. 

    With the above ways, you will be able to create videos out of your blog post. It will help you in getting better exposure and higher conversion.


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