With the increase in the number of internet users, the usage of various tools has also increased. For many reasons, people from regular jobs have decided to shift from a regular job to a blogging career. It is not new to most people. It is seen very often but entering this industry without any right knowledge can be a bit difficult. So you need a guide that can provide you with all the amazing tools that can make your task easier and more effective. 

    With no guidance, you might have started this journey. It is now time that you can check the best tools that can be fruitful for any blogger whether you are a freelancer or working for an agency. Following are the best tools for bloggers to help you in your blogging career. We have bifurcated them as per the function so you can check them out properly:

    Tools for getting new ideas for your blogs

    For anyone, it is quite difficult to stay creative. You need some sources that can provide you with the right ideas for blogs. The below-mentioned tools will give you exactly that. 

    • Pocket is an application in which you can read and save posts for later use. It can give you many ideas as well as help in retaining them. 
    • Google trends for knowing the trending subject so you can create a viral post. 
    • Quora will help you in generating fresh ideas by typing in the keywords of your niche. 

    Feedly will help you in finding the right kind of blog for your niche type. 

    To take up your proofing and grammar game

    One of the biggest struggles while creating content is proofreading. You have to focus on penning down your best ideas for blogs as well as getting everything right. This is why proofreading tools are necessary. Here is a list of some tools that can help ease down the process of checking grammar and spelling in your blogs:

    • Hemingway App is a free app which means for any newcomers or freelancer who cannot do anything premium will love it.
    • Grammarly is not new to anyone in the blogging industry. It is the real OG when it comes to editing and proofreading making it one of the best tools for bloggers.

    To keep up the SEO game

    SEO is a great technique for any blogger. This helps them in creating quality content and then getting it ranked organically. Let’s check some SEO tools for you:

    • Semrush is a premium tool that will help you in finding the best and the most trending keywords. 
    • KWfinder is a partially free keyword research tool. You can make at most 5 keyword searches for a day in the free version. Though most people’s needs get fulfilled in this number. If you need more you can definitely try the paid version.¬†
    • Google Search Console is another gem from the legendary Google. You can find keyword ranking and other important data for your website. It is a free tool which you bloggers can benefit from.

    Bottom line

    Now after reading the entire blog you might have got many tools that were efficient for your requirements. You can mark all those that you find useful or just go start using them. By starting to use them you will get a better idea of it. 

    It will also give you a nice hint of your blogging work and you can get better at it. Go on with any of the tools for bloggers or blogging apps that you like. There are so many you might be confused by now. Well don’t just take your time and get started with one by one. 


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