Starting a blogging site is a dream of many but only a few get to accomplish it. One hurdle that stays between being a 9 to 5 worker and becoming a blogger is the struggle of starting a blogging site and sticking to it until it succeeds. The efforts and hard work that is required for making a blogging site is high and is known to everyone. But it is not impossible to achieve growth. There are many ways that will certainly help you by driving traffic to your website. One of those many effective ways to make your website grow is guest blogging. 

    Now, this is a very popular way and is used by many of the new bloggers for promoting their website and work. It is inexpensive so can be used by beginners too. But there is a lot in this concept which needs to be discussed. So, if you are looking for something that will help you understand then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will talk about everything related to guest blogging.

    What is Guest Blogging?

    Guest Blogging is an amazing way of promoting blogs. It works in a pretty simple way. In guest blogging, you post guest blogs on other people’s websites. This is called guest blogging because you will be providing content on other websites. In return for providing content, you ask them to post a backlink to your website. 

    It promotes your page and gets Google to recognise it as good work. It helps to rank your website higher on the search engine results. It also increases the website performance. It makes your work relevant to the viewers and the search engine too. You can drive traffic to your website by posting backlinks in those guest posts. 

    Why Should You Guest Blog?

    There are many reasons for any beginner or an established blogger to start guest posting. In this section we have mentioned several reasons to do so:

    For getting backlinks

    You can start writing guest blogs to get backlinks. This will drive traffic to your website which will ultimately give you more sales and conversions. Backlinks are not only helpful in gaining more traffic but also improves the ranking of your website on search engine result. This might seem like a task but you will eventually start seeing results and this will change the entire scenario. 

    For making brand awareness

    If you are new and want a relevant audience to find you or your website then you will be taking the way of guest blogging. It is essentially food for the newer website because it will help you in forming the right kind of audience for your website. You won’t be targeting the wrong or irrelevant audience. 

    For increasing leads and sales

    There are various reasons for running a website. If you are doing business then you must be willing to increase the sales and conversions and guest blogging can help you with that. It will expose you to a wider audience because you will be posting guest blogs on the same niche as your website. This helps in gaining the trust of the audience and higher traffic to your website too. 

    What to check on guest blogging sites?

    If you are thinking about guest blogging then you must also know what kind of website you should choose for guest blogging. There are many things that should be taken into consideration when planning for guest blogging. You should not just post guest blogs on any random website. There are many points that are helpful in finding the best website for guest blogging. The first criteria to check is that the website is for the same niche as yours. Guest blogging on websites that are not of a similar niche will bring you a potential audience. 

    Many guest bloggers after checking the niche go forward with the process. But you should also check the domain authority of the website. You might know this term as DA. The DA of the website should be more than 40. Even a website with low traffic won’t benefit you but only wastes your time in content creation. If you are planning to gain a reputation as a blogger then an author’s bio on the website is a big priority for you. 

    Ways to Find Guest Blogging Sites

    For a beginner, it is difficult to find a website that will give the guest blog. Here are the steps that can be helpful:

    By writing guest posts

    If you want to guest post on some site then you should write it yourself. This is the easiest way to convince a website to do so. If you are already writing good stuff then they will accept your guest blogs. Also, it is also helpful if you are the writer yourself because this will make the content better than having it written by some newbie. It also makes the quality better. 

    By contacting the website owner

    If you are in some trouble or confused you can directly contact the owner of the website for guest posting. Some times you might have faced delays in the revert for your request of posting as a guest blogger. If the editor or other executive is not reachable you can contact the admin directly. This will remove the mediator and you will be able to explain your work in a better way. You can also communicate with them about the content requirements and discuss the topic clearly. 

    By contacting the sites of your own niche and domain

    You can contact the websites of your niche and domain. They will have the right kind of content for you. Approaching websites from other niches is not helpful. It will only be a waste of time for you because even if you gain an audience or traffic with that it will not be the relevant audience that can be your potential customers. 

    By engaging with your audience and posting comments

    If you have an audience then you should engage with them and they will also provide you opportunities for guest posting. Your audience might be of a similar niche and they definitely are following similar kinds of websites too. This will keep them helping you with the opportunities. It also helps in gaining the trust of the website because you will be recommended by someone else for writing or posting the guest blog. 


    In this blog, we explained everything about guest blogging. The meaning, its advantages and the ways you can also start guest blogging with. You can take the guidance for it and get started. The ways that are mentioned in the last section will help you in finding the sites for guest blogging because that is confusing for the newcomers. Follow the guide and start guest posting to promote your website and work. 


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