Monetizing the blog site is on every blogger’s mind, though no matter how much they are willing to do so, it is always so difficult to find a way to do this. There is always affiliate marketing but there have to be other options too which makes blogging a good career. Some people do not go for blogging because they don’t know much about the scope of monetizing your skills. 

    If you are also planning on finding more sources to monetize your blogging site or the Then here is your golden chance. You can use the CPM advertising network for your website. It is the best option for bloggers looking at the limited sources they have got for monetizing their blog. 

    CPM is an excellent source for monetizing. CPM ads have gained a lot of popularity. Unlike earlier when bloggers thought that they were stuck with one option for affiliate marketing for generating income, you just need a high traffic site and you will be good to go. But there are many CPM ad networks around which might confuse you a little. That is why we have enlisted some of the best choices according to us for your blogging site. Let’s go

    Reklam Store

    For any kind of business, be it a small or medium scale Reklam store seems just right. You can also decide for yourself which kind of ads you want to run on your website. It is an excellent supply side platform. The tool is super easy, which can be accessed by beginners as well. Their CPM rates are also high. 

    Propeller ads

    Propeller ads are an amazing network for your blogging site. You can start it with the minimum knowledge. The ad networks of Propeller ads are also high and income opportunities are amazing. No matter which country you are from, you can make payments with a variety of options too, which makes making payment easy. 


    Mediavine is considered one of the most excellent options for blogging sites for lifestyle sites. But it is not easy to get approval from this ad network. To get this ad network, you end at least 25000 sessions every month. The ad network is only effective when you have high traffic. Around 100k visitors every month will benefit your blogging site. 


    Another name of an ad network in this list that is effective for both small and medium websites is Hilltopads. There are many excellent features of this network, but the best one is that it can help you in blocking the anti-ad blocker setups. With this feature, you can get the payment for all the traffic that your bogging site generates. 


    One of the most popular ad networks for CPM is RevenueHits. The monetization policies and opportunities are very high on this CPM ad network. With this CPM network, you can get many popular advertisers on your blogging site. This will help you in generating regular income from your blogging site. In this CPM ad network, you can also get access to the dashboard. With this, you can track all your revenue from the ad network and impressions from the ad network.

    Final Verdict

    CPM ad networks are an excellent source of income for most bloggers. There’s a requirement for high traffic, otherwise, supply-side you won’t be making much income. Especially if you have 1000 visitors daily, then it would be the perfect situation for your website. You can find many CPM ad networks but not most of them are efficient. The ones mentioned above are our most preferred ad networks for CPM.


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