Web hosting comes in various categories and types. It depends on the kind of business and profession you have based on which they will decide the web hosting type. The traffic volume also plays a major part in the web hosting decision. A new website that has just begun its journey will go for shared hosting, but if a new eCommerce website is starting, it will probably go for a different option than shared hosting. 

    In this blog, we will be discussing the dedicated web hosting service, which is an amazing web hosting type. Dedicated hosting is mostly preferred by websites that have high traffic regularly. The established website, which has grown its name and brand, goes for this hosting type. There are many benefits of using dedicated hosting because it provides you with the entire server and the downtime is very low. Let’s check some of the best dedicated hosting plans which you can consider for your website:


    Bluehost web shotgun is a popular name that does not need any introduction. Web hosting is the top option for every kind of website. Its dedicated hosting plan is the best on this list. The plan starts at $7.99 and gives 500GB of storage. They provide RAM of 4GB. This is the base plan for dedicated hosting and they have other upgraded plans as well. 


    If you have a small business or website, then InMotion is the perfect choice for you. They have great customer support, which is available all the time. Their basic plan for dedicated hosting starts at $99. This is unmanaged hosting. If you are looking for managed hosting, then it starts at $39.99. 


    Another popular web hosting server is Hostgator. The service provider has a great reputation and its dedicated hosting server is splendid. Its basic plan for dedicated hosting starts at $118.99. This pan will offer you 8GB RAM. It can be said to be an affordable option in any of the options available on the list.

    A2 Hosting

    Many of you might not have heard about A2 Hosting. It is a new name in web hosting and its dedicated plan is worth considering. The base plan for unmanaged dedicated hosting starts at $99.59. The managed dedicated hosting plan starts at $141.09. Though it does not name, it has a free trial but you can cancel its plan within 30 days.

    Liquid Web

    Yet another web hosting server that is not as popular as other options in this list is Liquid Web. but it has made its place in our list because of its features and functions. The plan for a dedicated hosting server starts at $199. In this, you will get 5 bandwidths and 16GB of RAM. Its plans are a little pricey. 

    Media Temple

    If you own a business or any kind of enterprise, then Media temple can be a good option for you. Web hosting is not for all kinds of websites for business. The plans of its dedicated hosting are also expensive because of the features and the large-scale website it is fit for. Their basic plan is $2000.

    Accuweb Hosting

    If you are looking for a web hosting option that is affordable, then Accuweb Hosting can be the right choice for you. They are not as affordable as Bluehost but fall in the affordable category for the dedicated server. Their base plan starts at $80. They have an option for RAM, which ranges between 8GB and 512 GB. 

    Parting Thoughts

    In the end, you have understood how effective dedicated hosting is for your website. Especially if you have a large-scale website that gets high tariffs and content. The above-mentioned options are all amazing and can be considered by you. You should check every plan minutely and decide the one which suits your requirements the best.



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