The digitalization of the entire market has given rise to many online businesses and websites. For hosting these websites, there are a plethora of options for web hosting companies. One of the most significant and popular options is Bluehost. It is an established name in the web hosting service and is especially considered most essential for WordPress users. It is recommended by WordPress itself. If you are also thinking of switching to Bluehost for getting the web hosting service, then this blog will help you. Here we have included the prod, cons, and essential features by the service provider:

    Features of Bluehost

    Following are the essential features of Bluehost company:

    Customer Support

    You would be amazed that Bluehost offers 24/7 support. The team is highly responsive and solves your problem as soon as possible by taking it as their prime motive at the time. Even the response time is quick.


    Everyone loves freebies. And when it comes from excellent service, then the deal becomes even more amazing for the users. Bluehost offers a free website builder along with excellent web shotgun service. You will also get a free domain for one year. They have unmetered bandwidth in all their plans and include free SSL certificates too. 


    Bluehost has high speed, which helps you to get rid of bounce rates. It also enhances the user experience and gives the visitors reasons to come back again to the website. They have an uptime of around 99.99. They have also given 100% uptime, which is higher than what they promised. 

    Protection and security

    Bluehost has many aspects which help in having a secure website. They have softwares that protects your private data and Ip address. It saves your website from getting hacked or from any other viruses. It has regular back and restoration of data, which is very important for any website. 

    Pros And Cons

    The list of pros by Bluehost is never-ending. They have many advantages which make them the perfect choice for new or professional websites. They have great uptime, which is higher than what they promise. The speed of the website is also amazing, which will be helpful in better ranking and user experience. They have many freebies which makes the plan worthy of purchase. 

    A lot of the time, many web hosting plans cost less but charge for many features which would be freebies making their plan ultimately expensive. Web hosting is especially for the ones who are on WordPress websites. This web hosting is suggested by WordPress itself, making it a perfect choice for them. They have highly responsive customer support and an affordable standard plan. 
    Though there is not much to state as cons of Bluehost here we have found a few issues that you might face when using Bluehost as your web hosting service. They charge for the migration which means if you already own a website, then this could be one of the expenses. It is unable to hold high traffic in the base plan. You will have to upgrade, which can be expensive for some.

    Final Verdict

    There is no doubt that Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting in the market. It is difficult to find a web hosting that will be equal to its competition. You do not have to have second thoughts about web hosting. But there are a few downfalls of web hosting which might bother some of the users, like slightly higher pricing when shared hosting is not concerned. Because in the basic plan you won’t be able to handle high traffic. 

    Other than that, it offers many freebies for its users, which makes the plan a worthy deal. The high uptime and speed make the performance of your website better. All the features that are provided by Bluehost are amazing and will benefit the new users as well. Its user-friendly interface is a perk on top of all of this.


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