US households are going to receive the advance payment of child tax credit this year from July. In this plan, the families will receive $3000-$3600 for their children. This amount is given to children who are between the ages of 6-17. The children who are under 6 will receive $3700. The credits are given to only those whose income is less than $75000 annually. And if a couple collectively earns $150000 then they will not be eligible for the tax credit. 

    For those who have never filed taxes before it is for them that they can do the registration process. It will be done at the IRS and only then you will receive the child tax credit payment.

    After doing all of this process and steps many people might be confused about how they can start using this money. For them, this article has the right tips. There can be many ways that you already need the money. 

    If you are someone who is in need of money urgently to clear bills, or for the basic necessities then you must go for it. There is no need for you to do anything else with the money. But if you are someone who has a lot of things in their mind for using this money then you must read it further. Let’s begin and discuss some ways and strategies with which you can use the money:

    1.Save for an emergency

    I know you might have heard it enough already but I need to keep the pressure on this first one. As you have the money I would suggest putting aside some of it for emergencies. You need not be worried about the situation when you urgently need money. Experts say that it gives you security. 

    2.Clear all the debts

    One way that you can make your life easier is by not having any debts on you. Debts not only ruin relationships but also your everyday life. This affects many of your decisions. When you receive money the first thing you must do is clear all your debts. There might be some people that could be confused if they can use this money to clear debts so the answer is yes. You can use this money so that you have better financial health. This is one of the best decisions you can make with the money and for the betterment of your financial situation. 

    3.Save up for your health

    While maintaining financial health it is also necessary that you save up some money for health issues as well. It is no surprise that parents have to make many visits to the hospital for their child’s health. If you have the savings for this the situation will be much easier. 

    4.Prioritize education

    If you are someone who has no urgent needs or investment needs at the moment then you can definitely go for the educational investment. Your child’s education is important and you would make the right use of it if you invest it back in their education. This will keep the money safe for their future use. 

    5.Step back

    This money you receive as a child tax credit is actually the money you invested first. So if you think that you are owing more than you are getting back from this then it is better that you opt-out of the scheme and makes a wise decision. This is the right decision for anyone who is paying more tax than he is getting back in return.

    Wrapping up

    The above-mentioned are the most beneficial ways for you to use the money you receive from the child tax credit. Any of the above will work for most of the population. Try making the best out of this money for you and your child’s future.


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