Among many WordPress web hosting options, it is so difficult to choose one. You can find tens and hundreds of options for web hosting service providers. But not all the options fit your requirements. You have to find the one final service provider which will stand right on your needs. 

    If after doing all the research you have come down to 2 options, Bluehost and DreamHost then let me tell you that you are not the only one. Many like you are confused between these two options. It is because they have so many common features and benefits. But they are also highly competitive on a performance basis as well. In this blog, we will help you with our research to understand more about both these web hosting and compare the two for making the final decision. 


    Bluehost is a well-known web hosting service that has astonished itself as the top option for every website owner. Anyone who has anything to do with the web world definitely knows about this web hosting option. You can find plenty of features in this web hosting service that is very helpful. 


    This is again a great web hosting service that has gotten itself into fame during this decade. They are a perfect choice for business-related websites. With great performance and website speed, this web hosting service has got everyone’s attention. In this section, we will see all the benefits and features of the DreamHost web hosting service.


    Bluehost is extremely user-friendly web hosting. They have a money-back guarantee which makes every user try it without much worry. You can even easily navigate through its interface or the dashboard. Even DreamHost has an easy interface. The navigation is super simple at Bluehost. The customer support at both companies is a phenomenon. 


    When it comes to the security of the website, both the web hosting providers are cautious. They have an SSL certificate to ensure their security. You will get malware scanning and detection in these services. After which you can also apply the removal of the malware in order to safeguard your website. 

    Uptime and Performance

    You cannot question the performance of the Bluehost web hosting. It has an uptime of 99.99%, which is higher than the industry-standard as well as the promised or committed percentage. The loading time of the website is also very low. Even DreamHost has great uptime, which is 99.9%. They have a great backup which helps to keep the website speed intact. 


    Both the companies have their own set of disadvantages. Starting with Bluehost, which is a little pricey for beginners or the standard plan too. They don’t have many server locations and limited backup options. Even the upsell and upgrade fees are a problem. 

    When it comes to DreamHost, it is not perfect as well. The prices are not a concern here. But the server location problem is here as well. You can even face little trouble in using this panel if you are not a tech-friendly person. 

    Final Verdict

    Deciding between the two of the most amazing web hosting services is not an easy task. As you have seen in this blog, they both have many amazing features which make them worthy of research and comparison. There are many similarities in their features and, in some way, they are both enriched options. But they both have certain shortcomings too which are discussed in this blog. 

    Both DreamHost and Bluehost are promising web hosting companies that require no introduction. It is not wrong to say that both are the right choice in their places depending on which features you give more importance to. Other than that it is up to you which one you will pick for hosting your website.


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