Looking at the current scenario it is easily understood that the web world has grown a lot. It is not only grown but has taken a big place in the regular market. It is difficult to find a business that does not have an online website. Noticing the pandemic situation, it is accumulated that the digital market will only rise. This means that if you own a business, it is necessary that you also have an inline website for it.

    You can’t risk your users and customers only because you are not present on the online platform. During the world crisis of covid, the entire market was shut but the online market was still running and making a profit, that too more than before. If you also want to sustain yourself in the market, then you shall spread your legs in the web world and create an online website for your business.

    One of the easiest sources with which people are restoring their website is reseller hosting. It is a simple way and the ones who are new can also benefit from this step. Reseller hosting is not the most popular web hosting type. But it is surely useful. You can find many prestigious web hosting companies offering it.

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    Reseller hosting is a type of hosting in which you can sell the hosting to a buyer. It’s a kind of white label hosting. In this type of hosting, you buy the hosting wholesale from the primary company and then sell it to buyers. In this hosting, you can fix the charges of hosting for your buyers. The charges should cover the original price of the hosting which you have at the wholesale rate. There is no bar for you to follow for the price. This can be profitable for many sellers.

    The reseller hosting is mostly used by web developers or tech savvies. The pens who have just started out their website or what to establish their business should not go for this option. But if you want to buy it from the seller, then you might benefit from web hosting in which you won’t have to check the management and the hardware things. It will be under the control of the main hosting company. 


    With the name itself, it is clear that the GreenGeeks are very serious about the nature and greenery around us. They guarantee an eco-friendly environment and they use renewable energy to bring no harm to nature. They have unlimited databases and bandwidth. You can enjoy the free CDN and nightly backups. 


    For a small agency, Siteground can be a good deal. They have affordable plans for reseller hosting. This starts with 10 clients. It is simple if you have more clients, the discount rate will be higher because the profit margin for them would be higher. They have a disk space of up to 10 GB and allow 10000 visitors every month.


    Hostgator is a legendary name in the web hosting world. It also has a killer reseller hosting offer which is not only excellent in performance and features but the price is good too. Unlimited domains and free SSL certificates are the top features that it offers along with email accounts. 


    No matter which kind of reseller you are, Inmotion has a plan for you all. They offer 6 TB bandwidth and 260 GB of disk space. Unlike many web hosting companies that offer only 4 options for the offer, InMotion has 6 plan offers for you. In case you are doubtful about trying it, they have a 90-day money-back guarantee which gives you a free hand on trying their services. 


    LiquidWeb is another brilliant option for reseller hosting. Their other web hosting options are great too which kind of established their performance level. They offer main features at affordable rates. You get 100% uptime. Free DDOS protection in WHMCS.

    Final Verdict

    Reseller hosting is a good option for earning some money. It has got a lot of features and benefits for different types of users. If you are a web developer, an entrepreneur or a digital agency then you are right on the path of getting the right kings of revenue from selling the web hosting. Before you make any final decision it is necessary that you have the right information about all this stuff. Don’t miss out on any web hosting mentioned above and have it all compared before you make the final decision.


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