There are many platforms for hosting a website but WooCommerce stays on the top because of many reasons. One reason is that it is enriched with features. The number of users for WooCommerce is rising every day. But one thing which always makes it the best choice for everyone is the plugins. There are so many great plugins for WooCommerce that one cannot begin to pick one easily.

    You can easily find one plugin for each of the tasks. If you are thinking about boosting the sales of your WordPress website then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the best WooCommerce plugins for WordPress to boost sales. We know it is difficult to select one but after reading this blog you will be wondering which one of these amazing options will be a better fit for your website’s sales.

    HubSpot for WooCommerce

    Hubspot does not even need an introduction. It is considered the most popular plugin for boosting sales for your WordPress website and WooCommerce. You can use this plugin for marketing automation and building a better relationship with your customer. You can use this plugin for your WooCommerce and get almost all the features from it. The plugin offers many features and it helps in sending the store site as well. You can even generate a few restrictions which will not only save time but also make the marketing better. 

    WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

    You can calculate the WooCommerce cost for the shipping in two simple methods. One is with real-time rate and the other one is table rate shipping. For the ones who are looking for a more user-friendly way of doing the rate, they should go for the latter one. You can use either of them as per your preference. They even have advanced versions which make it easier. 

    Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

    There are many plugins that provide coupon strategies but this is time to check out some non-coupon strategies too. Advanced Dynamic pricing will provide you with a non-coupon discount strategy. With this strategy, you can easily apply this discount to various products and have various conditions as well, but you won’t have to use any coupons which is the highlight of this plugin as it offers many useful features too. 

    Elementor Pro

    Elementor Pro is a professional WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. It can help you in boosting the sales figure. It has many features with which it impresses all of its users. It is also one of the most popular plugins on this list. You will get a drag and drop builder which has customization features with a lot of visuals and templates. 

    WPML (WooCommerce Multilingual)

    Language tends to be an important factor in boosting sales. With the familiarity in language, the conversation and communication get better. Anyone who is in search of a plugin that provides multiple languages can go for WPML. It offers translation in many languages. It also has a review section for the translation. It will help you in translating the store into many languages and let me tell you there are no limitations in that. Your multilingual language will appreciate this effort and you will see an increase in the sales figure of your store. 

    Advanced Coupons

    We all know how often we fall for the industry trick of discounts and coupons. This is a real deal for getting your customer back to your store. With Advanced Coupons, you will be able to make a good BOGO deal for your users or customers. You can also add the information for the discount which you will provide on the shipping charges. The best part of this plugin is that it has a free version too so you can easily try it out and if you like the base version then you can shift to the premium one. 


    Your order delivery is not complete until it reaches your customer. Some of the times the customer wants to know the status of the delivery or where it has reached or when it will be reached. Well, whatever their question may be, AfterShip can help your website or the store to provide them with the details. It is unbelievable that the plugin can be integrated into more than 660 shipping carriers. It has many features and some of them are free and others are paid for. Its tracking button is free along with the tracking page which shows the details. It has the feature in which it displays the real-time status but that feature is paid. 

    WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher

    When you are providing a translation of your store to your users and customers it is a great deal for you and the website. You should also think about enhancing it more and giving your users the facility to even convert the currency. This will localize your store even more and make it more relatable to the users. This makes purchasing easier and simpler because they won’t have to translate the currency every time they are checking a product. It has a free version and is paid for too. The exchange rates and currency switching will really help your website in becoming more user-friendly. 

    WooCommerce Customizer

    Though WooCommerce has many filters by PHP which are really helpful in making your WooCommerce website store customizable. But with this, you are bound to use PHP for the customization. You don’t have to worry about using those developer-focused tools and features. It is because WooCommerce Customizer has a free as well as a very user-friendly interface to add the art button on your website. You can also add the tax labels and sales badge labels with it. 

    Final thoughts

    You can find hundreds of options for a WooCommerce plugin. In this blog, you got to know about some of the most excellent sale-boosting plugins for your WordPress website. This blog consists of some of the options which will be taking your leads and sales figures higher. Consider all the options and check which one of these stands right on your requirements and then pick that one. Though all of these options are amazing, you can find the right one for your website. 


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