WordPress has a lot of information and data on your website, which is crucial for you. You won’t let it slip away because of a minor mistake of not having the right measures. It is possible to save your website by losing all your information. There are many ways in which you can save your website and yourself from losing the data. The best way is by installing a WordPress cloud storage plugin. It might seem a little difficult to understand, but it’s definitely possible to have WordPress with cloud storage. 

    You might have understood with cloud storage only that the feature is amazing. You will get to store your media files on 3rd party servers and also on the cloud server. The integration and syncing of these plugins with Google Drive are also simple. All these properties probably make it a fine choice for your WordPress blog. If you are still facing some doubts in your mind, in the next section we have described how having a cloud storage plugin can help you.

    Reasons to have a cloud storage plugin

    Cloud storage is quite popular nowadays. There is no doubt that this is a helpful resource for any website. With cloud storage, you will be able to upload files and store them. If you use cloud storage for your websites, then you shall use cloud storage. It is safer to secure your data and information on cloud storage. 

    Even if your stem is not working, the documents and files will be backed up for the sake of keeping it secured. Restoration is also easy when you use plugins. It can also help in maintaining the speed and performance of your website. Not only the files but you can also even backup your entire website for the safer side.

    Best WordPress cloud storage plugin

    WP Offload Media

    If you are looking for a user-friendly way then WP offloads media is a good option. It can be easy for the newbies too. The plugin backups all your media files like images, videos, or other content automatically. It will also keep your files and documents copied for future sake. 


    Leopard is an excellent choice for cloud storage plugins. The storage on this plugin can be done in various ways. One is done through Google. In this way, you can directly store your data from its cloud storage. Then back up your file and check it through URLs. rather than using your own website server, you can try using the Google server for storing your files like CDN. 

    WP Forms

    WP forms are the best option in cloud storage plugins. You can guess its popularity by the number of users which crosses 4 million. You can easily use this plugin even if you are a beginner. You can even create a contact form on this plugin. But if you want any other forms or any advance form then you will have to switch to the premium version. 


    OptinMonster helps you in storing data, files, and documents directly from the website. Along with this, you can also store all the leads that you have created. Checking these lead details is also simple. You can do it easily in front of the dashboard of your website. The plugin is also useful for email forms and popup creation. 

    Out of the Box (Dropbox)

    Out of the box is a multi-purpose plugin that will help you in uploading the files of your website like docs, media files, videos and images like you would do in your library. With this plugin, you will no longer have to deal with the WP library because this plugin will help you in dropbox with your WordPress.

    Final Verdict

    No matter whatever arguments you are facing for not installing the cloud storage plugin for your WordPress blog, it can all be abolished once you start checking the benefits of having it installed on your WordPress blog. Apart from just the security of your website and its data, it has many other benefits as well. It helps in getting faster websites and performance because all the files are uploaded on cud storage.


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