Do you remember every time you want to buy something new or check out some new application? You always judge it based on the reviews that the product or application has received. It is simple every time we browse anything we, in turn, see many reviews posted about that thing and it kinda feels safe and secure to choose based on other people’s experiences because that is free learning. 

    If other websites or their services are getting reviews, then so are your products and services. If you are getting reviews, then it is necessary that those reviews are nicely managed and easily accessible for the users too. This will make the task easier for you and the users both. They will be able to check out those reviews easily based on various terms, like the good ones or the bad ones first. You can also add stars or thumbs up or thumbs down on your website too. Let’s check the plugin which will help you in doing so:

    Starfish Review

    Starfish Review is a lifesaver review plugin you didn’t know you needed. It has features that will help you in increasing the number of reviews on third-party applications like trust pilot or Facebook. This means the good experience will be given you start while the bad experience will be giving you devices for better service.

    Site Reviews

    If you are in no need to spend any money on your website right now, then check out the Site reviews, which is a free plugin. It is a very simple plugin that can be accessed by newbies as well. Instead of being easy and simple, it is very effective in this task. They have customization options for arranging the reviews for a better view.

    WP Customer Reviews

    WP Customer Reviews is another free plugin on our list. This plugin makes it super simple to put the review on the generated modules or you can directly get it on the page for your website’s product. They also moderate the submission to the dashboard, making it accessible. They also have a limitation option for the reviews if you want.

    Google Review Widget

    Any service by Google is commendable and there’s no doubt about that. This plugin as well is free from many of the services by google but for the pens who want to go for more advanced features, they have the upgraded premium version too. Unlike many of the plugins on this blog, it works a little differently by posting all of your reviews only on your website.

    WP Product Review

    WP Product reviews are a simple plugin for adding reviews of your products. It provides integration with Amazon, which makes the link to be more easily visible on your website and product page. They also have automatic features of comparison tables. It even provides many tools for the customization of your website. 

    Customer Reviews For Woocommers

    The place where the requirement and achievement of most reviews happens is the eCommerce websites. The customers have most of their opinion on those websites. It even sends notifications to those visitors or customers who haven’t posted the review among the number of reviews higher. They are available in both free and premium versions. 

    Final verdict

    Nothing can match a website that has its reviews managed and organised. It is a good idea to make your users or visitors crawl the entire website to find the review they want to malign the final decision. Along with the various features that a review plugin provides, have certain additional benefits too. This is the reason you should get them for your website and make your visitors happier and their search easier. 


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