WordPress has so many things on a daily basis that you have to keep a check on. So much content to post and keep a track of other matters related to it. But one thing that makes it easiest is the plugin. You can really start a website and feel no worry because WordPress has a plugin for every function and you can freely work on the content creation. All the time your website might be getting replies from your users and customers. Many of them are communicating with you through the forms which are considered the easiest and most initial way of interacting with your audience. 

    While most of the users and readers are reading the content and posting a comment or view about the post itself. But at various times, they might want to upload a file of their feedback or anything else on the website. The customers don’t have any simple way with which they can easily upload those files. That is why you need a file upload plugin for your WordPress website. It will help you to be more engaging and interactive with your customers or users. It will also benefit your users who don’t have any built-in method to do so. If you are wondering which plugin you should pick then you are at the right blog because here we will explain some of the best ones so you can pick the best one:


    WPForms is one of the most used and popular options for file upload plugins that are used among WordPress users. It is used by thousands of people and the number is increasing every day. The plugin has many features which make using it a delightful experience, starting up with the drag-and-drop feature. This feature helps in the easy upload of files onto the website. 

    Gravity Forms

    Gravity forms are a great plugin to use for lead capture and review from your customers and users. This plugin also has the drag-and-drop feature as well as the prior one. It also provides more than 30 custom fields for your website. You can also find the uploading field in these fields. It will provide you with the option of uploading individual or multiple files with its help. 

    File Upload Type by WPForms

    WP Forms have a plugin named File Upload Types is a free plugin with premium features. While WP Forms has some restrictions for using, it will give you a restriction-free experience. It even lets you upload various kinds of files with it. It also has great security which can be confirmed by the company which has launched it , WP Forms. 


    If you are looking for a perfect form builder plugin, then Forminator is the right option for you. You can create any kind of form on this plugin, like for feedback or payment. The main feature of uploading files is also available with a variety of options. Other than this, it also has great syncing for payment processors. 

    WordPress File Upload

    For someone who does not only need a basic form builder but also a file upload specific plugin, then you are looking at the right option. WordPress File Upload is a great plugin that not only has an amazing file uploading option but also has features that will help you in gathering data about your visitors and customers for a better strategy. 

    Final Verdict

    After reading the entire blog, you might have found the best plugin for file uploading for your WordPress website. All the options are amazing, but it is necessary that you pick the one which stands right to your requirements. Also, check the plugin which you are choosing has other features on offer as well. 


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