In recent years, it has been difficult to find a good social sharing plugin. It is no wonder that every day some of the networks are diminishing the share counts. You can easily find many issues in those social share plugins. Some of the times we do not prefer to use the social buttons because of the problems and worries that we have to go through during this process. It will not be beneficial if you are expecting too much from a plugin. It takes a lot of time and effort in finding out a plugin that will provide me with all the features that I want and also will not disappoint me in any way so I can’t continue using it, unlike many other social sharing plugins that I haven’t used in a while for problems and issues with it. Recently I have been thinking a lot about finding a new social sharing plugin for my WordPress website. This will make the situation better or otherwise. There is no point in having a social share button.

    But there is one option that I have been thinking of trying for a long time, which is a Social Rocket. It is a recent addition or launch into the industry of social sharing plugins in the WordPress repository. You might or might not have heard about this plugin, but let me tell you that you can still be hopeful for having a good social sharing plugin because of this particular plugin. This plugin ensures that not all the experience from a social sharing plugin is worse like many have faced. The plugin is enriched with features that can make all things easy for you. Let’s talk about its features in more detail:

    • Every user of the WordPress website loves customisation. It is not only a choice feature because it gives the user a log of control over the source. In this plugin, you have the option in which you can easily customise the floating and inline button easily. It even gives features to make changes in this section as per the device you are using. 
    • Just like we discussed in the above feature for the customization that it offers for the desktop and mobile. But it is more than that. The plugin offers variety in the screen that as per the device you are using. They offer a variety in the screen, button, colour, shapes and order of the feature when used in various devices to bring comfort and ease. 
    • We get stuck to a service or even a plugin because it is sometimes difficult to perform the process of migration. It includes re-editing and describing all the posts of your current plugin. But this problem is not with the Social Rocket because they provide the migration with a single click. With a lot of ease and almost no obstacles, you can get done with this process. 
    • Nothing can beat a plugin if it is filled with features and facilities. But oftentimes we forget that you need to get help every now and then because technical problems can arrive at any time. They have a very responsive team that is expert and tries their best to solve the issue as soon as possible. 

    Parting Words

    If you were someone who was in search of a social sharing plugin and could not find a suitable one then this is the right option for you. After reading the entire blog you might be convinced why it is worthy to at least give it a shot. Being a new option to the industry is one flaw that you can bring to refuse this option or not trust it otherwise it is an excellent choice. 


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