Any blogger or website owner knows the importance of ads for their website. It is considered the biggest way of earning through your website. Many bloggers started out small but they are successful right now and one of the reasons among affiliate ad promotions in ads marketing. Our website is not successful. Even if you are getting a high number of visitors or traffic, it is sometimes a difficult situation to find the perfect source for getting deals. 

    One of the platforms which pops into anyone’s mind when they think about ad marketing is AdSense. They offer great services and monetization options. It is a premium source of earning which is known for reliability, great returns, and effectiveness, and of course, it is by google. But there are other options as well which you might want to try. One of those options which we are discussing in this blog is Setupad. We will find how you can make this your go-to option for ad marketing.

    Features that Setupad provide

    Among all these amazing pros and a few cons, there are many impressive features that make Setupad a very distinctive choice as a monetization platform for many users. Below we have mentioned some of the most significant ones which can actually be useful and make a difference in the process. 

    • Starting with the first one which could also be the best is the Mobile-friendly ads. Setupad has the system or we can say features that provide ads that are clearly visible on mobile and are viewed very smoothly. There might have been times when you were using your phone but were not able to watch the ad properly on this device because it lacks friendliness for mobile devices. This won’t be disruptive or annoying anymore with the Setupad. 
    • You can actually benefit from their AdBlock monetization method. It does not hinder the privacy of the users and performs only non-intrusive ads on the website. You cannot find this feature in most of the monetization options and this is good news for all. 
    • Another significant feature of Setupad that is really impressive is the advertising flexibility that it provides. You might have been stuck with irrelevant ads some of the time, well not anymore. Setupad lets you use the right advertising for your website to monetize it in a better way. It also has the option of native advertising and video content. It will also recommend content for the users as a form of advertising. 
    • It has header bidding which helps the website owners in the stock section. You can bid for many exchanges continuously. It is because you will find many demands for the stock and it will keep the ads without bringing any complications into it. 

    Pros of using Setupad

    You can find many platforms as an ad marketing platform, then there arises a question of why you should use Setupad for that. It is because it has got plenty of features and benefits that will help your website to grow and earn more through monetizing your resources and contrite. Let’s start:

    • If you are thinking of ads then you also need to check for the platform if it has the right reporting system. Having a powerful supporting system is great. It can provide the user with information about the ad revenue sources. It also has eCPM and impressions of ad revenue and requests. You can also check the refreshed ad revenue and viewability rate for your website. If you are willing to get the data about the audience metrics, then it has that as well. 
    • For any website owner, it is difficult to keep a track of their revenue and make the perfect calculation. You can easily calculate your website’s potential earning and revenue so that you can make strategies and plans for the future. You can get this along with the reporting system of this source. You can check for the total number of users of your website. You can also check the ads per page and eCPM. The session per user is a plus on its features list. 
    • You know that Google is an essential part of the web world. Setupad provides you with the Google Chrome extension, which you might not think is important but will be very useful in the future. The significant advantage of using this extension is that you can get rid of all the unnecessary ads from your website. This will also help you view the real-time data information of your website and its users. 
    • You can also benefit from the personal account manager, which is useful for the publishers. This is not available on most companies and platforms. It has a chatbox and support system which helps in resolving any kind of technical issue or speed problem of your website. 

    Cons of using Setupad 

    While using Setupad is very beneficial for any website there are some drawbacks to it too. You might be thinking that having so many pros it might be difficult to find a con for this plugin. Well, it’s true. There are many reasons for which you should use Setupad and it was pretty hard to find the ones to not use it. But we have managed to find a few. The first is that it has the requirements of traffic for every month. The websites which have traffic lower than 100k cannot use it correctly. They even don’t provide constant information about the ads.txt. This can be dissatisfactory for some users. It is difficult for the user to form an ad placement code. This has to be done by the account manager only which is also disappointing. You even have to make a payout of approximately 100 euros. This is a minimum charge by them. All of these are not major drawbacks but they can be a deal-breaker for many users. So it is necessary that you keep all these in a kid before you make the decision.

    Final Words

    Nothing can make a website owner or blogger happier than finding a great source of monetization for their website. Everyone in the web world is looking for various sources of marketing and monetization and Setupad seems like the perfect option. It has many different options to choose from because it has many other businesses and websites which are into ads. Unlike Google AdSense, you won’t be limited to just google for getting ads and monetization options. 


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