Social media has become one of the prime platforms for driving sales and getting a higher promotion. But it is not as simple as you think. The competition on social media is rising every day. It is difficult to grow and ultimately get the conversions or sales. Social media automation can help in triggering the process of your social media promotions and campaigns. If you are doubting getting a social media automation tool, then you should stop right away and look at the below-mentioned tools which are known for their amazing functions. 

    Why do you need social media automation tools?

    Before we start the discussion about which social automation tool you should use for a better social media presence, here is some reasons which will make it more clear for you why you need them in the first place. This explanation is essential because many of our readers questioned if it is even necessary or just an additional tool for them. In this section we will explain how having a social media automation tool will make it easier for you. And also how it helps in changing the performance and presence. Let’s start

    For generating leads

    Though many of you might be using the website and social media just for fun, most of you who are reading this blog are definitely planning to take it more seriously and earn income through their social media handles. If you also have any kind of business or a monetization source through social media then you are going to need to generate leads as well. And the automation tools help in that. 

    Better interaction and engagement

    There is no other way to explain a social media handle that is good other than telling its engagement rate and interaction with the audience. This is one of the best ways which will help in getting more conversions. With automation tools, it is easier to manage all the steps. The abundance of the features provides various services for your social media handles. 

    Improves online presence and performance

    If you are working well on automation, engagement and quality content but visually your social media profile is not attractive then it might get you behind all your competitors. This is where automation comes in. With automation tools, you can benefit by improving your online presence as well as also growing the performance rate of your profile. 

    Social Bee

    If you are looking for a plugin that can help you in scheduling the plans and events for social media, then Social Bee is your choice. It can provide you with features that make the planning and scheduling on social media better, and you can then focus on the definite content for your platforms. This will also help you in getting on the right track of your content schedule. 


    If you don’t want to have different social media automation tools for your website, then you must consider Agorapulse for your social media. It will provide multiple functions in one place, saving you from using dozens of tools and plugins for your platforms. The tool specialises in management, report creating and scheduling the social media content diary. 


    The ones who don’t want to dwell themselves into basic tools and want to dive into advanced features can try MissingLettr. The tool has an intuitive dashboard which will help in automation. The users can actually benefit from the design, which will detect the platform which you need to pick and that could be anything. Especially when you are a blogger, you know it will be the right choice because of the specified features. 


    With the name itself, you can derive that the tool is specifically designed for the promotion of social media campaigns and to help social media users to target more customers for conversion. The tool is known for being very concrete and providing very definite solutions to different kinds of businesses. You will also find many ready-to-use contents for your social media platforms, which can be helpful for small scale websites or businesses.


    Another social media tool on our list is Sendible. It is a multipurpose tool that can serve many purposes. It will provide you with features for better management and automation. Its dashboard has many useful tabs on your content automation. These features will make the impact more efficient. The customer support is always available whenever you end the support to solve any kind of query. 


    If you focus on more visual content campaigns, then Pallyy can be a good choice for you. It has all the features that a social media platform needs. It is more of a social media platform than a tool, but its features make it fulfilling for all its users. Its amazing automation features make it even better. But if you want to focus more on Instagram, then it can be the best choice for you.

    Audiense Connect

    Like the former one Audiense Connect is also a dedicated social media automation tool. But it is not specific for Instagram users, but for Twitter users. With this tool, you can make better automation and do more influencing marketing with the design it has for Twitter users. But it can also help you on all the major platforms too.


    For anyone who wants more automation features with different functionalities should check out NapoleonCat. Even when you are eager to campaign not only your social media platforms but also cross-platform, then Napoleon Cat can be the perfect choice for that. It will also help in organic and paid promotion campaign users. 

    Final Thoughts

    Social media is a complicated place. All the users are trying to make a big out of it. But without social media automation, the results may not be as good as you expect them to be. All the opinions which we have discussed in this blog are worthy to try. But you must choose the one which stands right for all your requirements. 


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