In the current era of digitalization, when everything is getting faster and more approachable, people have started shifting their business to online mode. Even the purple who are into some profession or have passion about anything, in particular, are starting their own website. It is not very simple to start a website because you end up performing so many tasks with it. But the major one is hosting a website.

    If you are new to the web world and are just thinking of starting a website, then you might know about web hosting. But the pens who already own the website know about it perfectly. There are so many options for WordPress web hosting services to choose from. But the major difficulty is picking one option among those which are represented. We know how confusing it can get picking one service from the pool. But if you’re reading this blog, then you might have considered cloudways as an option for being the web hosting provider for your website. 

    Cloudways is one of the top companies in the WordPress web hosting industry. You can blindly go for this option only based on its reputation. But that will not be a wise thing to do. That is why we have created this review in which we will discuss this web shotgun so you can have a better idea about it before you make up your mind about choosing it. Let’s start:

    Reasons to choose cloudways

    Among so many points that make it a good choice, here are a few most significant ones:

    • Custom panels are one reason which can make anyone choose or lose this web hosting. We have heard many users referring to the standard Cpanel in their web hosting service. But if you start signing the custom panel of cloudways, then you will release the functionality and reachability you were missing. 
    • One thing which is often overlooked while selecting the web shotgun services is customer support. Its customer support is commendable and is active throughout the day and around the clock and can approach them through the live chat. Other ways can also be used for contacting them like email or by requesting a call as well as you can get in contact with them. 
    • Affordability is not the major factor for most users or website owners. But it’s for the ones who are running with a tight budget or have just started. Cloudways can really provide you with cost-effectiveness and affordability. Its basic prices start at $10 with one of its companies. 

    Reasons to avoid signing it

    • Though there aren’t many reasons to not use this web hosting, we have still managed to find a few flaws:
    • The web hosting is very affordable but their plan does not include the mail hosting along with it which can be a little disappointing to its potential users.
    • They provide various levels of servers. But if you are going for bigger servers, then it means that you will have to pay more money for this kind of service. 

    Final Thoughts

    Cloudways is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting service providers. It is a managed cloud service that in itself is very simple, effective and of top quality. This factor makes this option sound even more approaching. It is an unaffordable option that can fit into a beginner’s budget as well. It is usually difficult to find a managed cloud-based hosting that is also cost effective. The services and features are commendable and can give you a great experience using them. 


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