WordPress is the simplest and easiest hosting platform for websites. Many users prefer it over other platforms also because of the basic dashboard and processing. While it is known to everyone that WordPress is an SEO friendly platform for websites. It is also true that you will still have to work on the right path to gain the required results for your website. You might be thinking that you are taking every step needed for improving the speed and performance of your website. But there are still a few points that you have to consider because they might have been some of the biggest mistakes in the SEO field for your website.

    Not focusing on speed

    If your website is good in the display section then it is good but that should also be good in the speed. Many websites have too many media, plugins or themes which can slow it down. This can make you lose a lot of users and viewers. If you don’t want to lose any visitors or viewers then you should definitely focus on the speed. If your website is taking time to load or navigate then it is a bad sign. And yes it is a part of SEO too. 

    Not targeting relevant keywords

    Every website focuses on one niche for which they want to rank. It is obvious that they are also using these keywords related to the website to get a ranking. This helps in higher rankings on the search results. But if your website is targeting the wrong keywords or even ranking for it then the search engine notices it and it will gradually affect your performance. Instead, use only the relevant keywords for your content. 

    Not Focusing on quality content creation

    No matter how much advice might come your way but one remains constant which is content is the king and this is very true. If your website loads faster, is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use but doesn’t provide any value to it then this might be bad news. It is because you can’t keep a user or convert them into potential customers without providing the content. With quality content, you can also gain their trust and build a brand image for your website. Try to research well while creating content and provide every important detail to your users. 

    Not able to retain viewers

    If you rank high on the search engine results and also gain a lot of traffic then this is the best result for your website. But along with this, you should also check if you are able to keep those visitors on your website for longer and make them regular users. If your strategies are not able to retain viewers then there is no use driving them to your website in the first place. 

    Not keeping the mobile-friendly site

    In this era, every user has a smartphone which they are using for everything. It is obvious that they will be used to surf your website as well. But if the view of your website is not appropriate for the mobile screen or it is not mobile-friendly in other ways then this might be a problem for your website. This will not only make you lose some users but the SEO performance also declines with this. 

    Final Words

    When you are focusing on these points you won’t be making a lot of mistakes in the SEO game. SEO plays an important role while working on your website. You will notice a significant growth in the traffic and ranking of your website when you are avoiding any of the mistakes which we have discussed. With these points make sure you are also checking for the points which are required for the improved performance of the website. 


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