Google’s services are a lifesaver for many of us. I personally use its services for many day-to-day chores which include both personal and professional tasks. From creating google sheets and google docs for work to making a daily schedule for myself I do it all on Google Drive. You can manage many tasks on a daily basis with Google’s services and also make tasks easier and seamless for your daily productivity. 

    It has been such a long time since I have been using these services of Google and Google Drive that I do know some of the hidden tricks that you might or might not know. Let’s check them out:

    1.File Conversion to Doc Format

    We are all aware of the doc files. You can easily convert any file and its formation to doc file format to get better results or to get results or access accordingly. Also, the cloud storage facility of google helps you store each and every file over the cloud without even a thought of misplacing them.

    2.Put a Pause to Suggestion Notification

    It is always annoying to have someone looking or peeping into your work all the time. You can’t get enough privacy due to that. You can put an end to this. You can put off the suggestion notification to get your work done without anyone keeping an eye on you. 

    3.Work Offline

    There are times when you are not in the internet range. But you still need to carry some of the tasks that do not need the internet. At that time you need the freedom and access to all those files in Google Drive. If it is not available offline that might be a waste of time for you. But here is a twist: you can keep your files available in offline mode and use them whenever you want. Google Drive provides this feature where you need not have the internet to access the files or docs.

    4.Check Out Which Changes Were Made by Whom

    If you have been working on Google Drive or Google’s other services for a long time you might know that multiple people can work on the same file, doc, or sheet at the same time. The number can even go to a hundred users at the same time. But it is hardly possible to have that many people access it. In this way, it can get confusing to see which person made which changes. For that, you can use Google Drive’s feature and get to know the whereabouts of the changes. 

    5.Make Searching Easier

    If you have a pile of files and documents on your drive and find it easy to search for a particular one in the time of need then you can definitely use this feature for your document management process. On Google drive, you can bifurcate the files as per the type. You can make your searching easier with this step. You won’t have to go through a pile of files every time you need to find one. 

    6.Get the Backup with a Single Click

    Backup is very important. Sometimes for saving the data, other times when you are using it on some other devices, eventually everything involves the factor of how your file storage is maintained and how easy it is for you to store your data. Whatever might be the reason, backups are required to save your precious data and files. With Google Drive, you can get it done with just one tap as you can save everything with the help of cloud storage.

    Wrapping up

    After checking out all the amazing features that Google Drive provides you might be wondering when you will start using that and enhancing your productivity. Some of you might already know it and have been using it in your daily life. Whatever the case is, it does make many tasks easier for you. If you haven’t yet started then do and it will help you in organizing many files and making the searches simpler.


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