Web hosting service has become one of the prime factors for the people with the web world. The digital era has made it possible for even small business owners and new professionals to have a website of their own. In the pandemic, it became a necessity for everyone. But finding one web hosting among the pool of options is also a difficult task. But you can find a few options which are worth checking in depth. 

    One of those excellent options in web hosting is Hostgator. The name of Hostgator is known to everyone in the web world. They have a great reputation because of their loading, speed and performance. If you have come down to Hostgator as your final choice then you have made a great decision. After reading this review about Hostgator, you will be more certain about your decisions and it will be helpful in final decision making.

    Reasons to Use HostGator

    There are many reasons for which you can easily choose HostGator as your web hosting service provider. But here we have enlisted a few of the most efficient reasons for using this service. Let’s check them out:

    HostGator has the best uptime. The basic industry-standard uptime for any WordPress web hosting is 99.95 and HostGator provides exactly that to its users on nothing less. This feature directly affects your website’s performance and user experience. 

    They also provide a good loading time. It is not the best, but cannot be called worth either. It’s decent enough to not affect your website’s overall speed. Due to this, you will not disappoint your visitors is my way with the wait for those websites to load.

    You will get splendid customer support which is available round the clock. They do not delay much in the return. You can approach them through live chat. Email, ticketing and phone support. The phone support is not available in most of the hosting options. 

    They also have a good knowledge base if you don’t want to reach out and want to resolve the problem by yourself. 

    Many people don’t like using any web hosting if they don’t have the experience of using it. Hostgator has a 45 days money-back guarantee which will give you that assurance. 

    Reasons to not use it

    Among so many great reasons for choosing this, there are a few which might not be right for some of you. This is why you should check them as well before you make your final decision. So they do have many backups but for true backup in malware detection, you will need to pay additionally, which is in a way disheartening for some of its users. They might have many freebies, but they lack the backup and detection as a base feature. They have a low base plan and the base plan also includes many features and freebies, but when the time comes for revising the price, they use the industry standard price trick, which is not very impressive. 

    Parting thoughts

    There is no doubt that Hostgator is one of the best options available in the web hosting industry. You can also get almost every feature and plan variety in this hosting service. Their speed and performance are unmatchable. This is why it is the number one choice for many users. After reading the blog, you might also be convinced that choosing a Hostgator will not be a fault. You can pick any of its plans which are right for your website based on the traffic and requirements. They also have many freebies which are appreciated by most of their users. 


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