If you’re someone who is willing to learn about adding blogroll to the WordPress website, this is the right blog for you. This blogger will understand how you can easily add a blogroll on your WordPress website without facing many troubles and that too in a few steps. Earlier this was a problem when blogroll was considered a default feature, but now when blogging is more of a profession or mainstream, this is not obvious, which is why this blog will be helpful for you:

    Creating a blogroll is not that difficult. Some users might find it a little difficult or even odd, but as you will read through the process, you will find out that it is not that odd at all. Actually, the process discussed in this section is the simplest and easiest one for you. If you are a beginner, then this is the perfect one for you. In this process, we will create the blogroll by using the menu.

    To start this process, you will first have to visit the live customizer. You can reach here when you click on the appearance tab. Then click on the customize link. 

    After the previous step, you have to go to the menu section and then open it. You can find this section below the customizer. 

    Once you have reached it then you must generate a new menu here. When you have already generated it you should name this blogroll. After creating this blogroll, you have to tap on the next tab and then press to continue. 

    In the next step, you have to go to the next panel. Here you should tap on the add items tab, which will show a button as custom links. You have to click on the custom links section. This section will take you to the new menu and then open it to check the times on the new menu list. 
    The above step will provide you with ease in adding new links to the external websites on your menu. You will receive the full allowance without any kind of obstacle without any issue. In this option available to you right now, you should insert the links, names and URLs to the website which you were thinking of adding to it. These links and URLs will be added to the blogroll as you have planned. After pasting it you have to tap on the publish tab, which will be visible to you on the top section of your WordPress blog.

    With all these steps, you have finally created the blogroll links on your website. The only step in this process which is remaining is adding this blogroll to your WordPress website without making any mistakes. For performing this step you will have to go to the widgets and open that section. There are times when some users have multiple areas for a widget. If you are someone like that then you should go to the widget in which you want to add the blogroll. After entering the widget you must tap on the button which says add a widget which will show you the option of the menu. Now you must select the menu which you have just generated and then you will be able to see the widget in the widget area. The process is simple and can be done by anyone. 

    Final Verdict

    This process of adding a blogroll is so easy that even a newbie can do it. One of the advantages of using this process is that you can easily add or delete the blogrolls from your WordPress website whenever you desire. It is one of the simplest methods that a WordPress website owner would have to do.


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